Herbed Potato and cheese Monkey bread

Manjula from Desi Fiesta challenged us to make breads for last months home bakers challenge. She had a version of sweet pull apart bread but since the family loved savory breads, I had to make some changes. ๐Ÿ™‚

So what is this monkey bread? It is a bread that one eats like a monkey eats fruits from the trees.

You shall need:

For the dough-

3 cup… All purpose flour [plus some more for dusting]

1 tbsp… Salt

2 tbsp… Fresh yeastย  [or 1 tbsp dry active]

2 tbsp… Butter

1.5 cup… Water

For the filling:

3 … boiled potatoes

1 cup… Cheese [I used mozzarella]

Salt and pepper to taste

1/2 tbsp.. Chilly flakes

2 tsp.. Oregano

2 tbsp… Fresh corriander

Some bread crumbs to sprinkle on top


  • Knead the dough like this.
  • Keep it on a big bowl and cover with a wet kitchen towel.
  • Let it rise for 1.5 hrs.
  • Punch it down and make ping pong ball size dough balls out of it.
  • Mix all the ingredients for the filling.
  • Flatter the dough ball and add a small amount of the filling to it.
  • Cover the filling with the dough and seal it well.
  • In a greased bread pan/rectangle pan/bundt pan/cake pan, arrange it properly.
  • Repeat for all the dough balls.
  • If there is extra filling, put it in between the dough balls.
  • Let it rise again for 30 min.
  • Bake in a pre heated oven at 180C for 20-25 min.
  • When 15 min are gone by in the baking cycle, brush with an egg wash and sprinkle bread crumbs on top.
  • For the last 5 – 7 min, bake on both the rods on. This shall give the top a nice color.
  • Serve with love.



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Mocha Almonds and chocolate chip biscotti

For this months Baking Partners challenge I made Biscotti. Well I have been making a lot of them off later but this one got rave reviews from my dearest girl friend and my adorable younger sister. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have made the classic version before.

You shall need:

1 cup… All purpose flour

1 tbsp… Instant coffee added to 2 tbsp boiling water.

1 … large egg

1/2 cup… Golden brown sugar

1/4 tsp… Salt

1/2 tsp… Baking soda

2.5 tbsp… Cocoa powder

1/4 cup… chocolate chip

1/2 cup… Almond slivers

1/4 cup… butter

1 tsp… vanilla essence

Few tbsp of milk


  • Pre heat oven the 180C.
  • Cream sugar and butter until pale.
  • Add the egg and beat.
  • In a bowl mix the cocoa, flour, salt and baking soda with a whisk.
  • Stir in the flour with the butter and egg.
  • Add the coffee and vanilla.
  • Mix the dough well.
  • We dont want a very wet dough it needs to be comparatively dry as it need to be shaped in a log form.
  • Add the chocolate chips and almond.
  • Add a few tbsp of milk it need be.
  • Apply butter on the baking tray and make 2 logs of equal size and shape.
  • Bake for 20 min or until nice and hard on the top.
  • Let it cool for 10-15 min.
  • Now slice them and bake again for 10-15 min each side or until the moisture is gone.
  • Serve with tea or coffee.

Alternatively you make dip it in chocolate of your choice and serve. I could not take another picture of the finished biscotti and it was wrapped up and sent as a gift. ๐Ÿ™‚

mocha biscottiCheers,

Black Forest Cake

Continuing with the BM, I made a black forest cake for a friend. ๐Ÿ™‚ I dont have the cross section of the cake and I hate the fact too. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But it was moist, luscious and beautiful.

Check out theย Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#31.

You shall need:

For the cake-

1.25 cup… All purpose Flour

1 cup… Light brown sugar

1/4 cup… cocoa powder

1.5 tsp… baking soda

1 tsp… Salt

3 … large eggs

1/2 cup… Butter

1/4 cup… strong coffee [add 1 tbsp coffee granules to boiling water]

1/2 cup… Sour cream [to the normal cream, add 1/2 tbsp vinegar and let it stand for 10 min]

1/2 cup… Butter milk [To the milk, add 1.2 tbsp vinegar and let it stand for 10 min]

1 tbsp… Vanilla Essence

For the filling and frosting-

1 can… Tinned cherries

3 cup… Whipped cream [stiff peaks]

1 cup… chocolate shavings


  • Pre heat oven at 180C.
  • Sift all the dry ingredients and keep aside.
  • Cream butter and sugar for 2 min.
  • Add one egg at a time and beat until nice, fluffy and amalgamated.
  • Add half the flour mix and beat until combined.
  • Now add the sour cream.
  • Add some more flour and the butter milk.
  • Add the vanilla essence and mix it all together.
  • Pour equal amount in 2 lined tins and bake for 20-25 min or until the center springs back at you or a skewer inserted in the center comes back clean.
  • Let them cool in the pan for 10 min.
  • Take them out from the pan on a cooling rack and let them cool completely.
  • Take about 1/4 cup of the tinned cherry liquid and soak the cakes with it. Use a spoon or a pastry brush to do so.
  • Cut 3/4th of the cherries from the tin into small pieces and keep aside.
  • Place the first cake on the serving dish and add about 1 cup whipped cream to it.
  • Spread it upto 1/2 inch away from the edges.
  • Put the cut cherries on top and sandwich this between the second layer of cake.
  • press the cake lightly.
  • Apply a light layer of the cream and freeze the cake for 15-20 min.
  • Now frost the cake again. Pipe few stars around the top edge and place a cherry.
  • Add the chocolate shavings as you like.
  • Chill for 30 min.
  • Take out of the fridge 30 min before serving.

black forest


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Multigrain Beetroot Tarts

Well here is Blogging Marathon again ๐Ÿ™‚ For the first week, I have chosen the theme Members special. Here the members penned down the things that want to learn or would love to make. We had to pick 3 out of the long list of the available ones.

First one for me is Multigrain Beetroot Tarts. We all know that tarts are essentially made from All purpose flour but then I gave it a twist and made it out of Bajra, Jowar and Whole Wheat flour. And this one also got me second prize at the Zopchef 2013. ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out theย Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#31.

You shall need: [Makes about 24-30 depending on the size of your tarts]

1/2 cup… Whole Wheat Flour

1/3 cup… Bajra Flour

1/3 cup… Jorar Flour

1/4 cup… Ragi Flour

1/2 cup… Chilled butter cut in cubes

1/2 tbsp… Salt

1/4 cup… Boiled and pureed beets

1.5 tsp… Sugar

Water [if needed]


  • The tart must always be flaky and must have a bite to it. This is the reason it is very important that we use chilled butter, other ingredients can be on room temperature.
  • Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
  • Using a fork, mash the butter against the flours. Keep doing it until you get a bread crumb like texture.
  • Add the puree and make the dough. It must a be a firm dough so add the beets a little at a time.
  • Chill the dough, wrapped in a cling film, for 30 min atleast.
  • Now make small balls and roll it out to about 1/4th inch width and put it in the tart mould.
  • Bake in a pre heated oven at 180C for 12-15 min [Mine were small so baking time is reduced]
  • be careful as you would not be able to tell if they are burnt or not because of the color.
  • Take them out and let them cool for about few min.
  • Take out from the shell and add filling of your choice.

485535_500571223341632_1866950707_n 485422_10151408836836766_1383575424_n 382406_10151408841706766_2017659004_n


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Paasi Paruppu Payasam

After a break I am back to SNC and made this lovely moong dal payasam. The pati has been travelling alot and something new for his sweet tooth shall be a welcome change. ๐Ÿ™‚

I belong to the North team.

To know what the Northern team host has challenged click here and to know what SNC is!!ย click here

You shall need: [Serves 2]

1/2 cup… Moong DaI (I used spilt one)

2 tbsp… Uncooked rice

Little less then 3/4 cup… Jaggery [I used syrup] – Adjust to taste

Handful of cashewnuts

1 tsp… Cardamom powder

1-2 tbsp… Grated coconut

1/2 cup… Milk

1/2 tbsp … ghee


  • Wash and soak the dal for few min.
  • Put it in the cooker with double the water and cook for 2 whistles on full and 5-7 min on low flame.
  • Mash it well.
  • Add the milk and boil it.
  • Add the jaggery and mix it well.
  • Taste and adjust the sweetness.
  • Now stir in the coconut and cardamom powder.
  • Let it boil for 2-4 min on medium heat.
  • In another pan, heat ghee. Add cashews and fry till they are nice and golden.
  • Add the ghee and cashews to the kheer.
  • Serve with love.