Paneer Methi Kofta Curry

A friend of mine from college has moved to Bangalore :) Since I had not been there even once, going empty handed was not an option.

For me personally, picking up a gift is getting tougher by the day. Alternatively, I make them a nice meal or bake something for them. Shows my the fact that I gave my heart and soul to it. :)

This kofta curry is a dedication to my mother who has not altered her kofta recipe for years now. Give it a break ma try mine ;)

You shall need:

For the Kofta: (Feeds about 4)

200 gms… Paneer (grated)

2 cup…. Chopped, washed methi (fenugreek leaves)

2 tbsp… All purpose flour (you might need a touch more so keep it handy)

2 tbsp… Sesame seeds

Salt, red chilly powder to taste

1/2 tsp… Turmeric

few tbsp of water

oil to fry

For the curry:

2 cup… Thick curd/yogurt

2 large… onions (cut in quarters)

3-4.. red chillies

1 tbsp… Khus Khus seeds

1/4 cup… cashews


For tempering:

1 tbsp… Oil

1 tsp… Jeera/cumin seeds

a Pinch of asafoetida


To make the koftas:

  • Heat the oil for deep frying.
  • In a bowl, add the paneer, methi, maida, salt, red chilly powder, sesame and turmeric.
  • Add a little water at a time, only so much that the mixture binds well.
  • Make a small ball and test the oil and the kofta mix. Once it is in the oil, it should not brown immediately and must not split. If it splits, add more maida.
  • Make balls of the same size and lower them in the oil 4-5 at a time.
  • Make sure they brown well equally.
  • Take them out on a tissue and keep aside.

To make the curry:

  • In a grinder, add the red chillies, khus khus, cashews and onions and grind well.
  • Add curd and salt to this and churn once more.
  • In a pan, heat oil and add let jeera splutter. Add the asafoetida.
  • Pour the churned mix in the tempering and let it cook on a medium heat with a lid on.
  • Stir ocassionally.
  • Once the oil floats on top, the sauce is ready.
  • Lower the koftas in the curry and serve with love.


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  2. themadscientistskitchen · February 20, 2014

    Love the kofta gravy and the methi in the paneer.

  3. annelifaiers · February 20, 2014

    I love the look of your kofte – not something I have ever made but I would like to. I love paneer cheese but it’s impossible to get here . You have some really interesting ingredients in there – what on earth are khus khus seeds?!! I am happy to learn! Thanks for entering these into Four Seasons Food x

    • pinksocks · February 20, 2014

      Thank you :)
      Khus khus is poppy seeds.
      Hope this helps

  4. Choclette · February 20, 2014

    That sounds totally delicious. Love paneer, but I’ve never made anything with it as such.

    • pinksocks · February 20, 2014

      Thanks :)

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  6. Karen Burns Booth · February 20, 2014

    What an amazing recipe and lovely images as well as story too! THANKS so much for adding it to Cooking with Herbs, Karen

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  8. Kate · February 20, 2014

    This is a delicious looking dish. I so love paneer and this sounds a wonderful way to eat it! Pleased you clarified khus khus seeds……. I was wondering what they were too!

  9. Ren Behan · February 20, 2014

    A delightful kofta recipe, thank you for linking to Simple and in Season

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