Quick pasta for Dinner

I am fan of easy to put together ingredients. They save the time and effort on the workdays without using too much brain.

All you shall need as an extra for this is Sun-dried tomatoes (I made mine at home, recipe to follow soon)

You shall need:

One cup… Boiled Al dente pasta of your choice (I have used the bambino  shell shape pasta)

5-6 tbsp…. water in which the pasta was boiled.

1/2 tbsp… Oil

Salt and pepper

3 tbsp… tomato paste (Really thick tomato puree, I use a fine mesh to strain the water of the puree and then use the thick portion)

1 tbsp…. cream/malai

Herbs of your choice, I added oregano.

Few sprigs of coriander

Cheese (If you please)


  • In a pan, heat oil and add the tomato puree.
  • Cook it for a few min.
  • Now add the Pasta and the water.
  • Season it well, to taste.
  • Add the herbs.
  • Finish off with the cream.
  • Mix it well to incorporate it all.
  • Towards the wee end of the cooking process, add the sundried tomotoes (Cut in smaller pieces if they are too big) and coriander.
  • You can also put some garlic bread on the side.
  • Serve with love.





My Cafe, my Way

After a long time I m writing for a theme that resonated with my ideology 🙂 Indiblogger in association with Borosil wants us to write about a prefect meal without any pictures. I seriously am not good with pictures and I have accepted the fact graciously. But I know I can talk about food like forever 🙂 Let me take you on my food  journey, I hope we reach the prefect meal destination.

It was a long summer day, the heat and exhaustion drained the human race of all the joy and energy. Well it was not all that bad 😉 I just wanted a dramatic statement.

So, I believe the perfect meal can be a Brunch for me ALWAYS. I really enjoy brunches. The gorgeous quiches, sambals, salads, burgers, multi-cultural entrees… Oh Boy I can imagine all of that already 🙂

Assuming I have a cafe and today is my first day in business, I shall serve these glorious things as a “service at your table with a fixed menu and BYOB” style-

Soup: (Served in the Baby Gourmet Bowls)

  • French Onion Soup
  • Black Gram and Lamb Shorba

Salads: (Served on gorgeous English Summer plates)

  • Smoked Cheese and Rocket salad with Pine nut and basil vinaigrette (v)
  • Honey sesame Grilled Figs with feta and walnuts served on a bed of micro greens/watercress.

Appetizers: (Served in a the mini plate set)

  • Grilled Eggplant/Mushroom/Cottage cheese canape
  • Steamed Scallops
  • Caujn spiced vegetables/chicken

Frittata: (Served on gorgeous English Summer plates)

  • Five Pepper Frittata
  • Asparagus and Mushroom Frittata
  • Spinach and Sausage Frittata

Burgers: (Served with slaw and home style fries)

  • Black bean patty burger
  • Mexican spice burger (Veg/Chicken)
  • Veggie overload burger
  • Grilled cheese sandwich burger with Any of the patty above served with spicy mayo

Beverage: (Served in the Vision Jug set)

  • Mint and ginger lemonade
  • In house ice tea- Lemon and mint
  • Cucumber and Watermelon cooler
  • Tempered Buttermilk

Sweet Eats:

  • Chocolate Pear Tart
  • Jelly with fresh Fruit
  • Custard tart
  • Lemon Pie

Would you like to come to my cafe? 🙂



Royce India @JWMarriottBLR @RoyceIndia #chocperience

My first reaction to the invite was “Let me google the brand- Royce” the more i read about it, the more the chocolate invited me. I landed on this newspaper article as well. I did raise a brow but my recent trip to towness was all organic and imported, all I did was a SIGH!!

On reaching the venue, JW Marriot, I was ushered to Bengaluru Baking Company. The wide, open welcoming space was a treat. After delicately picking the wine glass, I landed in heaven.

There was an assortment of chocolate available on a round table with a neat bowl to keep the wrappers in.

Let me list down them all and my comments about each:

  • Potato Chip Chocolate- Storage Temperature: Below 25°C | Shelf Life: 1 month | Content: 190g {I absolutely LOVED this one. Topped my chart for the day}


  • Chocolate wafer: Storage Temperature: Below 25°C | Shelf Life: 3 months |Content: 12pcs (This one didn’t catch my fancy much as I am not a fan of wafer chocolate. However the nutty bar was a hit among others who were present}
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website
  • Nama Chocolate Ghana Bitter: Storage Temperature: 10°C or below | Shelf Life: 1 month | Content: 20pcs (190g) {This was my second favorite among the lot. The delicate pieces of chocolate were melt in the mouth.}
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website
  • Nama Chocolate Ecuador sweet: Storage Temperature: 10°C or below | Shelf Life: 1 month | Content: 20pcs (190g) { A little sweet for my palette but it had a clean cacao finish as an after taste}
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website
  • Nama Chocolate Mild Cocoa:  10°C or below | Shelf Life: 1 month | Content: 20pcs (190g) {Unfortunately I didnt get to taste this one as it was over. That definately says a lot 🙂 Must have been a charmer}
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website
  • Chocolate Education Set- It was a lovely box with information about the Royce chocolates (It was all in Japanese)
  • Royce Pure chocolate- Creamy Milk and White: Cacao 37% & 37%Storage | Temperature: Below 25°C  | Shelf Life: 3 months | Content: 40pcs (20pcs each) {I am a sucker for white chocolate too, apart from the bitter, oh Good Lord I was in paradise. The milky white chocolate circles of goodness were impeccable and full bodied}
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website
  • Royce Pure chocolate- Sweet and Classic Milk : Cacao 56% & 43%Storage | Temperature: Below 25°C | Shelf Life: 3 months | Content: 40pcs (20pcs each)
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website
  • Royce Pure chocolate- Ghana Sweet and Venezuela Bitter: Cacao 60% & 69%Storage |Temperature: Below 25°C | Shelf Life: 3 months | Content: 40pcs (20pcs each) {The first thing that came to my mind when I tasted the Venezuela was, Oh I want to make a gorgeous mousse with this one 😀 The combo box is a bitter sweet harmony}
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website
  • Criollo Chocolate- Bitter: Cacao 65%Storage | Temperature: Below 25°C | Shelf Life: 3 months | Content: 24pcs {Criollo are rare cocoa beans and Royce has a couple of variety to offer.- Butter and Sweet}
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website
  • Criollo Chocolate- Sweet: Cacao 52%Storage |Temperature: Below 25°C | Shelf Life: 3 months | Content: 24pcs
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website
  • Baton Cookies- hazelnut and cacoa nibs: Storage Temperature: Below 25°C | Shelf Life: 3 months | Content: 25pcs {The cacoa nibs were the winner for me, the batons were of a well made shortbread consistency}
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website
  • Baton Cookies- Coconut:  Storage Temperature: Below 25°C | Shelf Life: 3 months | Content: 25pcs  {Naah not a fan of coconut in chocolate, excused myself politely}
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website
  • Nutty Bar chocolate: Storage Temperature: Below 25°C | Shelf Life: 3 months | Content: 18pcs {These gorgeous bars were full of macadamia, almonds, pecans and rice crisps. The kiddo invitees could not stay away from these. I thoroughly enjoyed myself too}
Source: Royce Website
Source: Royce Website

Apart from this I got to interact with Chef Jolly, who jokingly pointed out that he always thought that Royce chocolates were the Rolls Royce of all the chocolates. Well in a way I would say he was kinda right. When the average price is on the higher side, one might believe him to be true.

Source: http://www.verveonline.com/116/life/scapes-food.shtml
Source: http://www.verveonline.com/116/life/scapes-food.shtml

He also mentioned that how the proprietor of the Chocolate giant, was at first exporting chocolate making machines to Belgium. Later they started making their own version of chocolates. It was a story of rising above and doing that extra bit.

Chef Jolly lives upto his name and was extremely cordial and welcoming.

What also caught my fancy was the way the delicate chocolates were packed. The Nama especially come with a dry ice bag that maintain the temperature till the time the customer puts them in the fridge/ at a cooler place.

Source: http://tummybliss.blogspot.in/2011/01/royce-chocolate.html
Source: http://tummybliss.blogspot.in/2011/01/royce-chocolate.html

The evening was complete with wine, Chicken on Skewers and Vegetarian Tempura bites. My only complain shall be for the food that was ice cold. Royce made up for the lags in more ways than possible.

Price: Avg 800

Rating: 4.5/5 (Only for the chocolate and wine)

Where: JW Marriott Bangalore, Bengaluru Baking Company

24/1, Vittal Mallya Rd, Ashok Nagar,, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001

Website: www.e-royce.com



Gluten Free Dessert Pizza

After a long time, I cooked for a challenge where there was secret ingredient swap between a pair. Priya made this beautiful group pf like minded individuals and called it  Shhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge.

I am paired with Anitha for this month. She gave me Oats and Mangoes to cook with. To be frank I had never cooked with oats and I hate their taste anyway. What better way than to make it work in a dessert and even better, a dessert pizza. 🙂

You shall need:

For the base-

2.5 cup… classic rolled oats

3/4 cup… Castor Sugar

2 tbsp… Olive oil/melted butter

1 tsp… dry active yeast dissolved in 4 tbsp warm water with a pinch of sugar

1 tsp.. Salt

1/4 cup…. warm milk

For the topping-

100 gms… cream cheese

50 gms… butter

1 cup… icing sugar

1… mango (peeled and cut in slices)

1 tbsp… butter

A pinch of freshly ground nutmeg


For the base-

  • In a processor/mixer, add the 2 and a 1/4 cup oats with the sugar and whiz until it has a powder consistency.
  • Tip it in a bowl.
  • Add the yeast, oil/butter, salt and mix well.
  • Add the milk, a tbsp at a time and mix it well.
  • The dough shall not be very cohesive like that with the all purpose flour.
  • Butter a baking tray properly and spread the base mix evenly.
  • Bake in a pre heated 180C oven for 15 min or until baked and nice golden brown
  • Keep aside to cool

For the Topping-

  • In a non stick pan, heat butter.
  • Add the mangoes and a tbsp of sugar.
  • Let them caramelize well.
  • Now add the nutmeg and let it cool down to room temperature.
  • In a medium bowl, add the cheese, butter and cream well.
  • Add the icing sugar and mix until well incorporated.

To Assemble-

  • Once the base is cooled perfectly, put a thin layer of the cream cheese mix on top
  • Now add the mango strips as you please.

To note-

  • I didn’t take the base out of the tray. It was served from the tray itself.

10462577_10152027725891324_3114105549938296031_n 10408785_10152027725826324_5295254606806291037_n

Serve with love.