Of Airports and Life #HowWeMet Stories

Airports bring out so many emotions in human beings. Happiness, sadness, love, surprise, disgust, anger… yet all the trips we take have a distinct memory. One such memory is from my travel to South Africa via Dubai.

On the third layover at Dubai, I finally decided to meet this beautiful person I kept seeing over and over again. Stark white hair, flawless caramel color skin and well dressed. The green scarf was a stand out. It was hard miss the smiles this person brought. People would laugh, cry, mindlessly wander to wonderland or even befriend with this person.

The innate warmth and welcoming feel was what drew me to him. There were no presumptions or judgement about him. Every person would treat him differently. When I walked up to the gentleman next to him, he smiled at me and asked for my name. “Pallavi” was what he registered in his mind ad I am glad he did. After a series of questions and a few minutes later I got the opportunity to share the Iced Caffè Mocha with my beloved.


Hours turned to days and then came the year 2011 when we got married. Three gorgeous years hence and the love, companionship and friendship have endured. May there be peace, joy and faith always.

Did you meet this wonderful person yet? If not, rush to the nearest Starbucks store, meet new people and share your #howwemet story 🙂




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