The new #StartANewLife

In 2008, a 24 something girl moved to Bangalore to work for a very prestigious IT firm. She met new people, learnt how to drive in a big town, experienced the joy of hypermarkets, worked for charities, partied, sent gifts home, learnt to cook and discovered that “She was a paper weight”. She did not like changes as much but then someone as quick as a lightening came in her life and taught her how to be spontaneous, how to not order the same dish in all restaurants, how it is okay to go a little far from my driving limits to see the stars and how to actually believe in myself more than just pretend.


Thus began the journey of PP-PP towards AWESOME. We started a life together and began to appreciate even the things that we used to dislike earlier. Change is inevitable but if it coupled with equal appreciation and a little hand holding, the journey is absolutely worth it.


The 1206 days of Mr-Mrs had some testing times well. I reckon, Mr travelled for almost 3/4th of the time but in the meanwhile, Mrs picked up baking and food blogging. She went to restaurants and hotels for valuable reviews, met excellent chefs and of course the other blogger friends that she made give her so much perspective.


After a few months into the marriage, Mrs moved her job and joined an organization that let her be as wild as she could possibly imagine. Selfies with colleagues where the VP’s jump in too, Annual Day, Friday Funday and most important dear colleagues who turned to be great buddies too.


So much change for an all girls’ convent educated girl from a small town in Rajasthan was soul stirring. However she emerged to be better and more brave.

IMG_2320With some more courage Mrs and Mr, booked a house for themselves. It is the happiest they have been, EVER. The parents, family and friends were so proud of them.

A couple of month back another chance was sent our way and that was to start a new chapter in Mumbai. Mrs. knew how important this move shall be for the Mr, so she said yes instantly. She failed to realize how difficult it would be to pull the roots from Bangalore where she spent almost 2500 days of her life. Packing the material possessions was the easier part, but to pack away friendships, love and memories.



Here is when Gumption takes you over, in a good way. It makes you look forward to the new place with same wide eyed joy and anticipation. There will be no fun in being in a new place if you are just going to sit in a corner and miss the old place. We wrapped up Bangalore and got to Mumbai. 🙂 After stumbling a little with the “house situation” I guess I am in a good place. We did a little mandatory Mumbai Darshan last weekend and met friends and their adorable kiddos.

IMG_2595 IMG_2590 IMG_2571 IMG_2559 IMG_2533

I guess all this can only be one thing, A pretty good Start 🙂 Just like’s

Thanks for reading 🙂



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