Restaurant Review: Alfredo’s- Thane West

Viviana Mall has easily become the heart of foodies in Thane West. We were no exception to the phenomenon. Each time we decide to go out, we thought of trying a new establishment. Alfredo’s Bar and Diner was the selection for the day. This is their third restaurant  after successful setups at Andheri West and Juhu Tara Road. This review is for askme.


The quirky ambiance is set with a lambretta on the wall, red brick wall finish, cozy seating, posters and caricatures. I decided to dedicate a post to the place after two trips. 🙂 Each of them had their high and lows. Like for each dining experience, we need two perspectives; vegetarian and non vegetarian. I always tag a friend along for the same. He is a foodie like me as well and appreciates his food in certain fashion.

On the first trip we ordered :Nachos, Salad with Smoked chicken breast with pomegranate chilly salsa and Fettuccine con Pesto Genovese.

On the Second trip we ordered: Paneer Shashlik sizzler with BBQ Sauce, Roast Chicken Pepper sauce sizzler and Penne pasta in mixed sauce (on request)

Let me start with them one by one:

Nachos: Piping hot nachos are always my fav. The chips were thankfully not shop bought. They were of the perfect thickness and cheese was not shy. My only complain is the salsa seemed shop bought. It was sharp with vinegar.

Smoked chicken Salad: The chicken was moist and fresh. The seasoning was perfect. The pomegranate chilly was a surprise was a little sweet for my taste. On request they changed and made it our palette.

Fettuccine: Oh what a beauty this one was, I will go back to this one for this dish. The beautifully cooked strands of pasta were covered with delicately spiced pesto. Only a fresh pesto can make the pasta shine and here this was the case.

Our second trip was rather flaccid. Here is our review of the dishes that we had:

Paneer Shashlik Sizzler- The bountiful chunks of Paneer were carefully strewn on a stick. The sides we chose for this one was fries and mash. The rice accompaniment could have been of a better quality else the flavor was exceedingly wonderful. The sauce was balanced and had enough gravy to pass through.

Roast Chicken sizzler- The first one that we got was overcooked and had a heavy handed seasoning. After replacing it, we could really taste the roast flavours and smells. The sauce had garlic, sweet and sour notes.  The sides with this one were mash and tangy onion rings. We were expecting crunchy onion rings but what came to us were pickled rings. The pepper basil rice was well done but again we wondered if the quality could have been bettered.

Mixed sauce Pasta- Generous quantity greeted us on the plate which was the reason was happy smiles. Freshly toasted bread with garlic butter was a nice touch. The sauce was to die for. We nearly licked the plate clean. The downer was slightly over done pasta. The shape of penne was flat which usually happens when you cook it in a pressure cooker or over crowd the bowl of boiling water. It is a simple error but a major element to the way the dish looks.

Over all I feel the place can get better if they critically examine each dish that was returned, that was left half eaten or even the ones that sailed through. An informed staff can make this difference, a little chit chat and pro active suggestions can make a diners experience much better.

I would rate this place a 3.5/5.

Phone Number:

022 61701404


Home Delivery- Thane West

I have been thinking about doing this feature for sometime now. Ever since I moved to Thane, Mumbai, the wilfulness to blog has kinda gone down. And I don’t blame anyone but myself. I need to warm up to the town, really fast.

I rely on Zomato and Food Panda to give me options.

So here is my list of home delivery options when you are at Thane-West:

1. Rangla Punjab– Always fabulous, never lets me down. Food is great, service quick (weekends are crazy there) and price is not so bad either. Accessible venue and amazing tandoori stuff. This place gets a 4/5 from me. [Priced at 1000 for 2 people]

2. Benzy’s veg treat– I like their pav bhaji. Not the best I have had but pretty good for a take away/home delivery. Oh and the grilled vegetable sandwich is FANTASTIC. Do not miss it. This place gets a 3/5 from me. [Priced at 450 for 2 people]

3. Faaso’s – Oh you humble giant.You have successfully sneaked in awesome rice dishes in your rolls menu. Their online ordering app is super cool. The option to choose a wheat based roll is great. On another note, they need to improve the lemon drink.

4. Tibbs Frankie– Frankly speaking we go a long way 🙂 I was first introduced to this one in Hyderabad at the Eat Street in 2007-08 and they have not changed at all, in a good way. The home delivery menu is neat and clear. Their combos work out for the best. I cut them some slack on the delivery time, they tend to lose the way sometimes. Anyway I will go back to them in a heartbeat. 🙂

5. City Sandwich– Oh how did this one not feature here yet? What a lovely find this one was. A friend got this one for me while I am nursing my sprained ankle. She got the cheese veg sandwich from here and each bit was devoured in no time. The red chutney that comes with it is to die for.

There are a lot of Chinese places here as well, but I haven’t tried them yet 🙂

More later.