Product Review: Biryani Affair @BiryaniAffair

I sometimes think about my food middle name. How would Pallavi Eclair Purani sound? Or Pallavi Mango Purani? The name that makes me smile ear to ear is definitely, Pallavi Biryani Purani. 😀 There is something about flavoured rice, the filling and oh those luscious accompaniments that make my day.

For those who do not know about this food group, here are some facts:

  • The origins of the dish are disputed and varied.
  • Biryani is layered rice preparation with higher spice content while pulao is a mix of the protein/vegetables with a slightly milder spice content.
  • It is is of two types: Kacchi [marinated Protein and veggies are cooked along with the raw rice] and Pakki [cooked protein/vegetables are layered with rice.
  • A good biryani has a fantastic aroma, loose rice and perfect spice balance.
  • Ghee is an essential condiment that added to the aroma and flavour.

The very polite people from Biryani Affair sent a sample all the way to Thane for me to try it. The team is informed, accommodating and every ready to take up suggestion.

So I got the Heer Ranjha Paneer Tikka Biryani with raita, salan and onions, Butter Naan and Krazy Veg Jalfrazi Medlley.

Biryani Affair- Mumbai

Krazy Veg Jalfrazi Medlley- I usually NEVER order mix veg in any form at restaurants or for home delivery. This one was such a wonderful surprise. Do not get frazzled by the oil on the top, this mughlai dish wants that kind of richness. The mix is a feast for your taste buds. It contains peas, cauliflower, tomato and green beans in a balanced aromatic sauce. We polished this one off first. The butter naan had given up a little on us, owing to the travel it had undergo. However for the distances that they cater, they were of perfect size and moisture. The no leak container is always a welcome change. I hate oil soiled poly bags.

Biryani Affair, Mumbai

Biryani affair- veg jalfrazi medlly

Paneer Biryani- It would be fair to note that the tandoori paneer is best when it straight out of the clay oven. I microwaved the panner for a few min and it was back to the right consistency. The rice and the tikka masala was beautiful, They had not missed the friend onions on top which is a must for a biryani. The rice was cooked just right and each grain was long and separate from the other grain, no clumpy rice. The container comes lined with foil which makes it easy to eat from and pack away for later. How can there be no mention of the beautiful salan. This in house prepared salan tastes just like one of the authentic places in hyderabad make. Spice and peanut make this liquid gold which is a perfect accompaniment. I could only wish there was more 😀 LOVED it.

Biryani Affair- Mumbai Paneer Tikka Biryani- Biryani Affair Raite and Salan- Biryani Affair Biryani Affair Biryani Affair menu- Mumbai

Here is how you can get in touch with them 🙂

Phone number: 022 30151155

Online Order: Available on Zomato

Zomato link:

Party Orders: Yes

Price for two: Rs. 800

Special Menu designing for parties: yes

I would give this place a 4 star on 5 🙂 4/5



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