Tuver Seeng ni Kachori #BM38

I have spoken about tuver sing here and here. 🙂 It is a fabulous vegetable and is very close to gujju hearts.

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You shall need:

For the outer cover:

2 cup… Wheat flour
4 tbsp… oil
2 tsp… salt

For the filling:

1.5 cup…. Shelled tuver sing
2 tbsp… oil3-4… green chillies
1 tbsp… Jeera/cumin seeds
2 tbsp… Sugar
2 tsp… Mustard seeds
Salt to taste
Oil to fry


  • Knead the dough using the wheat flour.
  • It needs to be tight enough like we make for pooris.
  • Keep it in an air tight container until further use.
  • In a mixie jar, add the green chillies and make it into a paste.
  • Now add the tuver sing, little at a time and grind it into a coarse paste.
  • In a wok, heat 2 tbsp oil and add the cumin and mustard seeds.
  • Add the tuver sing and green chilly mix.
  • Let it cook for 5 min on a low-med heat.
  • Now add sugar and let it mix well.
  • Once the mix starts to turn to a darker shade of green, turn off the gas and let it cool to room temp.
  • Put the oil in another wok for deep frying.
  • Now make about 25-30 balls out of the dough.
  • Roll them out little and add about 1-1.5 tsp of the mixture.
  • Close the ends and secure properly.
  • Fry about 5-6 at a time and let me get nice and golden from all sides.
  • Serve for breakfast, snack, lunch, supper with love. 🙂

tuver singCheers,

Surti Papdi Bataka nu shaaq

Surti papdi or valor look like peas but the cover and seeds are harder than the peas. People in the western part of India love this vegetable and have it in various form.

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

Here is the easiest one first. 🙂

You shall need:

1 cup… Surti papdi seeds (Few people use the shell too in the subzi but this version is made only with the seeds)

1/2 cup… Potato – diced

1 tsp… Oil

1/2 tsp.. Cumin seeds/jeera

a tiny pinch of asafoteda

Salt and red chilly powder to taste.

1 tsp.. turmeric powder

1 tsp… Dhaniya powder

1.5 tbsp… Jaggery powder (to taste)

1 cup water


  • In a cooker, heat oil and add the jeera and asafoetida.
  • Add the salt, turmeric, red chilly powder and dhaniya powder.
  • Add the potato and seeds.
  • Mix well.
  • Add the water and pressure cook for 4-5 whistles on full flame.
  • Once the pressure escapes, open the lid.
  • Turn the gas on medium flame and add the jaggery.
  • Cook it for 2-3 min.
  • Serve hot with chapati/bhakri.



I: Idada

Aah straight from the heartland of sweet, sour, savory food. Gujarat. 🙂 I am falling in love with the cuisine. Idada is a snack that is very close to Idli batter from Southern India.

This post is a part of Blogging Marathon. For the first week of BM#32 [2nd – 7th Sep], I am going Regional.

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You shall need: {Serves about 4 people for snacks}

2 cup… Urad dal

1 cup… Tuvar dal

1 cup… Rice

a pinch of soda bi carb

4-5 green chillies

2 inch piece of ginger


2-3 tbsp … oil plus more for greasing the trays

Steamer and trays

2 tbsp… Sesame seeds

Red chilly powder


  • Wash and soak the lentils and rice overnight or 8 hours atleast.
  • Grind them with chillies and ginger to a fine paste.
  • Add bi carb and salt.
  • Let this mixture stand for 4-5 hours and ferment.
  • Grease the thali in which you shall steam the Idada, fill it with about 1/3 with the mixture.
  • Sprinkle some sesame seeds and red chilly powder on top and let it cook for 12-15 min or until it is done.
  • Once cooked well, cut in shapes of your choice.
  • In a non stick pan, pour a tbsp of oil, sesame seeds and red chilly powder. Put a few pieces at a time and reduce the heat to low. The idada shall begin to form a nice crust, toss it again and serve with side of your choice. Traditionally, it is served with sesame oil.
Pic: Monika Manchanda
Pic: Monika Manchanda


Bajra Jowar Na Muthia

Muthia is a steamed cake of sorts. It can have a lot of variations like bottle gourd, methi, corriander, cabbage and so on. Usually people make it in gram flour but I gave this one a twist and made it with Jowar and bajra flour. What a stunner.

You shall need: [Feeds 2]

1/3 cup… Jowar Flour

1/3 cup… Bajra Flour

1/4 cup… Kakra Gahu na loth or slightly thick wheat flour. the closest substitute shall be Rava.

1.5 cup… Shredded cabbage

Salt to taste

1… green chilly [Finely chopped]

Red Chilly powder

1 tbsp.. Sesame seeds

1 tbsp plus 1/2 tbsp… Oil

2 tbsp… Yogurt

Few tbsp water


  • Put the cabbage in a bowl with some salt and let it stand for 5-10 min.
  • Cabbage shall leave water.
  • Now add the flours and mix them with the cabbage.
  • Add oil, sesame and green chillies.
  • Add the yogurt and mix well.
  • We want to make balls/cylinders out of this dough so keep it relatively thick.
  • Add water if it is too clumpy.
  • Oil a steamer tray and place the dumplings on it.
  • Steam it for 12-15 min.
  • Once done, take them out and let it cool.
  • Cut them in rounds and keep aside.
  • In a pan, heat some oil and add red chilly powder and sesame seeds.
  • Toss the muthia in the pan and let it get crisp on a low flame.
  • Serve as a side or with tea.

I have served it with Brown rice with spicy Broccoli. Recipe coming up soon 🙂



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Breakfast Recipes

Kairi No Ras/Aamras

Mango might be the the kind of the fruits but I have not seen anyone appreciate this mango more than Gujaratis. They even eat the peel of the mango as it is considered rude to waste this fruit.

Gujju Food 101

Kairi No Ras is a common treat across homes in Gujarati. I had it for the first time at the in-law’s place the gujju way aka with poori 🙂 Also they take out the pulp by hand and use a hand blender to churn in.

Unlike the milky north Indian version, this one is pure mango delight i.e. no milk at all.

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Week- 2

Theme- Traditional

Dish for Day – Kairi No Ras

Origin- Disputed between Gujarat and Maharashtra

You shall need [Feeds 2]

4… Medium size mangos [Or 3 large ones]

2 tbsp… Sugar

Few tbsp water on need basis

Ice cubes


  • Wash, peel and cut the mango in a blender.
  • Make sure you squeeze the seeds of the mangoes to take out as much pulp as you can.
  • Add 5-6 ice cubes and sugar. [You may add more sugar in case the mango is not very sweet]
  • Churn it twice for 2-3 seconds.
  • Add a few tbsp of water to make the blending easy.
  • What we need is a thick thick mango puree. Add water very slowly.
  • Serve cold with bhakri, poori or any bread of your choice.

kairi no ras


Methi Ni Bhaji na Bhajiya

Oh I have mentioned this so many times to so many people that I HAD to out this up now. This is a lentil mixture with fenugreek leaves that is steamed, crumbled and served with lots of oil. This can be had warm or cold.

Gujju Food 101

Usually we aka Gujarati bahu’s have the option to use the ready made Kanki Korma loth or a flour made of lentils and rice. For the benefit of the crowd at large, I shall give the full recipe to make this one from scratch.

You shall need: [Feeds 4]

1 Cup… Rice

1/2 Cup… Tuvar Dal

1/4 Cup… Chana Dal

1/4 Cup… Dhuli Urad Dal

1 cup… Methi leaves [Wash and chop]

2… green chillies [finely chopped]

3 tbsp… warm oil

2 tbsp… Jaggrey

1/2 tsp… Ajwain [carom seeds]

1 tbsp… Sesame seeds

2 tbsp… Yogurt

a pinch of Soda bi carb

Salt to taste

Oil for serving


A steamer and a big bowl


  • Soak the rice and lentils over night and grind into a thick paste next morning. Do not all too much water. We need a thick paste.
  • To this mixture, add soda bi carb, sesame seeds, carom seeds, salt, green chilly, warm oil and yogurt.
  • You should be able to make dumplings out of this mixture.
  • If it feels too dry, add a few tbsp of water.
  • Heat the steamer, oil the try in which you are going to steam.
  • Make cylindrical dumplings from the mix and steam for about 12-15 min.
  • When they are done, let them cool a bit and then crumble them using a fork.
  • Serve with a nice helping of oil on it. [Oil helps it get moistened as after steaming, it tends to get dry]
Stir Fried Sprouts, Methi ni bhaji na bhajiya and water melon
Stir Fried Sprouts, Methi ni bhaji na bhajiya and water melon

Hope you enjoy this authentic Gujju dish and relish the beautiful flavor. This was served for breakfast one of the days 🙂
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Khakra- Crispy flat bread

For this month’s Daring Kitchen challenge, Sarah gave us crispy crackers and flatbreads as a challenge.

Everybody loves Khakras. Period.

Gujju Food 101

Well Still in case if you are wondering what are these? These are stunning thin flatbreads made with a host of flavours. I have heard some really wicked ones too like paani poori flavor, jal jeera flavor etc. However I made it with chaat masala, paprika powder, black sesame seeds and poppy seeds.

They are generally made on a griddle but I used a combination of a flat griddle and the oven.

You shall need:

For the dough- [Makes about 12-14]

1 cup… Whole wheat flour

1 tsp… Salt

1 tbsp… Refined oil


For the khakra-

Whole wheat dough to roll the bread

1 tbsp… Sesame Seeds

1 tbsp.. Poppy seeds

1/2 tsp… paprika powder

1/2 tsp… Chaat masala


You shall also need:

A flat griddle

A kitchen towel

A flat spoon

Rolling pin and wooden board

Baking tray [optional]


  • Mix all the ingredients  for the dough and make a semi soft-tough dough out if it.
  • Apply 1 tsp oil on the dough’s surface and let it sit for about 20 min at room temperature.
  • Make 12-14 balls out of it.
  • Using the flour, Roll it out very thin almost to a translucent stage. [It is better if they are round….however for aesthetic purpose only]
  • Pre heat the oven to 200 C.
  • heat the griddle and reduce the flame to the lowest level possible.
  • Put the rolled bread on it.
  • Turn to other side once bubbles appear.
  • Put about 2-3 drops of oil on each side and flatten it [Dont let bubbles form] using the flat spoon.
  • Use the kitchen towel to press the khakra and keep it flattened.
  • Once it is partially cooked, put it on a baking tray and bake for 4-5 min. [This is an optional step, you may finish it on the griddle too]
  • For the spiced version, once the bread is rolled, put the spices and roll the pin on it once more to let them stick to it.

Things to remember:

  1. Make sure to roll the dough as thin as you can.
  2. The heat on the griddle should not be too high.
  3. Be careful while using the tea towel to press the bread.
  4. Store in a air tight container.
  5. You may alternatively add the spices and leafy veggies that you like to the dough and roll out the bread. Commonly used variations are cutty powder, jal jeera, salt and paprika, cumin seeds and salt, fenugreek leaves etc.
  6. It might take a little time to get used to it, but it is really fun to make and then get to taste the glorious khakra.
  7. Serving suggestion- Flavored oil or pickle or chutney or with topping on your choice.
On the Griddle
On the Griddle
The crisp goodness
The crisp goodness



Vayda/Sprouts Gujju style

One of the things that my fridge always has is a bag or two of sprouts. The pati loves them. And trust me the gujju way of making it takes hardly 5 min.

Gujju Food 101

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You shall need: [Feeds 2]

200 gms…. Sprouts of your choice [I used green gram or Moong dal sprouts]

Salt to taste

1 tsp… Oil

1… Green chilly [Slit on the middle]

1/2 tsp… Jeera

A pinch of turmeric

Dash of red chilly powder [As much as you can take]

Squirt of half a lemon

1/8th cup…water


  • In a pressure cooker, heat the oil.
  • Add the jeera and green chilly powder.
  • Add the washed sprouts and toss in the masalas as you like them.
  • Add the water and let it cook upto 4 whistles on a full flame.
  • When the steam settles, open the cooker and reduce the water, if any.
  • Serve with a squirt of lime/lemon.
  • It can also be had with chapati/bhakri.
Served for breakfast with Water melon and Methi ni bhaji na bhajiya




The Baroda Eating out Guide

I have been to Baroda precisely 3 times in the last year and have been able to enjoy the amazing food this place has to offer.

Gujju Food 101

I could not click pictures as I forgot to carry my camera and I was always too swamped to click pictures before gulping down the food. Nontheless, here are the must have’s:

  • Dabeli- The Kutchi Dabeli is God’s gift to the world. You get the choice of plain, butter, double butter, double masala, double peanuts, crispy, with extra sev or without. Each nook and corner shall have the same taste. [ Tried and tested]

Image source: Google

  • Dal na Vada- This is your very own Moong dal vada, fried to perfection and served with Kadhi. Yes you heard it right. It is a stunning combination of crisp vadas, soft inside and when dipped in the kadhi it is like a marriage made in heaven. It is served with fried hari mirch and onions.

Image source: Google

  • Triple Schezwan Noodles- This genius dish comes in 3 parts. First is a salad which had cabbage and onions with some vinegar. Second some vegetable Manchurian in gravy. Third and most important component is Rice-Noodles and crisp Manchurian tossed in sauces and spices to make a red bowl of food. It is OUTSTANDING and one must forget the Real Chinese and relish this version 🙂

Image source: Google

  • Cold cocoa and Fruit Salad- A gujju street food meal is incomplete without one of these. I made cold cocoa at home sometime back and it turned out very well. It is nothing but milk, cornflour, cocoa powder, ice cream and chunks of chocolate thickened and chilled to perfection. Fruit salad is nothing but fruit custard.

Image source: Google

  • Shahi Tukda- Dont confuse this one with the sweet version. This has full on spice and pieces of Pav in it. It is a genius dish. I have to comment on the pav’s that I tasted at Baroda, super soft and yummyliciois. I could not get enough of this one.

Image source: Google

  • Papdi No Loth- This is basically spiced rice flour dough that is steamed to perfection and devoured with Oil and masala. Trust me you would not have had anything like this EVER.

Image source: Google

  • Locho- Like the name suggests it is a crazy concoction of practically left over khaman-dhokla. It is mixed with chutneys, some flattened rice and sev and served warm

  • The other usual suspects are pani poori, sev puri, dahi poori, fafda, pav bhaji, khaman, dhokla, khandvi et al

More about the gujju wedding that I went to coming up soon.


Tava Pulao

This scrumptious street food comes from Gujarat.

Gujju Food 101I made it with left over rice and served it for dinner. The Pati could not get enough of it. 🙂

tava pulao

You shall need: [Serves 2]

3 cup… Cooked rice

1/2 cup… Tomato Puree

1… Medium Size tomato [chopped]

1/2 cup… Peas [Boiled]

1.. Onion [chopped]

2.. green chillies [chopped]

1/4 cup… Coriander [Washed and chopped]

1/4 cup… Carrots [Washed, diced and boiled]

5-6…Cauliflower florets [Washed and boiled]

1.5 tbsp… Pav bhaji masala

1 tbsp… Dhaniya powder

1/2 tsp… Turmeric powder

1/2 tsp.. Jeera

2 tbsp… Oil

2 tbsp… Butter


Lemon [to taste]

Pinch of hing


  • In a pan, heat oil. Add cumin seeds and let them splutter.
  • Add a pinch of hing.
  • Add onions and cook them until they turn pink.
  • Now add green chillies and tomatoes.
  • Cook until tomatoes are semi done.
  • Add the puree, salt, pav bhaji masala, turmeric powder and dhaniya powder.
  • Once the masala leaves the fat, add all the veggies and cook until the masala is done.
  • In a separate pan, heat 1/2 tbsp butter. Add some rice [As need be] toss it in butter.
  • Add about 3-4 tbsp of the masala. Mix it well.
  • Serve it hot with some butter on the top.

I served it with Methi ni bhaji na gota [Methi pakoras] and dahi.


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