Of New Breakfast Menu and experiments

Sometimes I feel we must get out of the rut and create new things with the same food like Maggi chop suey, spaghetti pizza or even cornflakes laddoo. Yes you heard me right there is something called Cornflakes laddoo. If you dont believe me, check this out 😉 Kellogg India has a lovely series of videos/recipes for your family.

Kellogg wants to know why I would like to go to Gupta ji’s home for breakfast?

Well first of all, look at these happy faces. ❤ Who would not want to start the day with them? 🙂

Source: Kellogg India

Secondly, they have a scooter. It reminds me of the time when my father used to have one and the four of us used to fit on it and go places. Come-on remember the time you were asked to scoot on the handle. 😉

Third reason, Kellogg has made a lot of alterations to the original product, to fit the Indian breakfast scene, it is high time we look at it with a praise. The very idea of dunking cornflakes in cold milk was bizarre for Indian masses. The brilliant research team worked on it, made sturdier flakes and voila today we can eat it with milk at an temperature of your choice. Perhaps they made “boxed” food a household staple with the right marketing and target audience.

Fourth reason, I love the family affairs where the mother goes all out to make sure the guest is looked after. The father makes polite conversations and the young ones are all enthu to tell us a thing or two.

Fifth reason, I will get a chance to escape my own question “What should I make today?” As a working woman, I feel handicapped when it comes to the menu for the day. I always want something fast, fresh and yumm.

Sixth reason, Life is too short to only know a few people. Let us make new friends and learn about/from them. “Mingle often with good people to keep your soul nourished ~ Anthony Douglas Williams.”

Reason No. Seven, maybe they will call their neighbours too and I can get to meet colonel uncle. Ex-Army people always fascinate me. They have so many stories to tell. Why miss a chance 😉

Reason no. eight, if they are in Mumbai, I will get to travel to another part of the town. being new in town makes you cringe and cry about the place. Unless you go out, how will you come in terms with the place and love it eventually. 🙂

So Gupta ji, will you call me to your home?





The new #StartANewLife

In 2008, a 24 something girl moved to Bangalore to work for a very prestigious IT firm. She met new people, learnt how to drive in a big town, experienced the joy of hypermarkets, worked for charities, partied, sent gifts home, learnt to cook and discovered that “She was a paper weight”. She did not like changes as much but then someone as quick as a lightening came in her life and taught her how to be spontaneous, how to not order the same dish in all restaurants, how it is okay to go a little far from my driving limits to see the stars and how to actually believe in myself more than just pretend.


Thus began the journey of PP-PP towards AWESOME. We started a life together and began to appreciate even the things that we used to dislike earlier. Change is inevitable but if it coupled with equal appreciation and a little hand holding, the journey is absolutely worth it.


The 1206 days of Mr-Mrs had some testing times well. I reckon, Mr travelled for almost 3/4th of the time but in the meanwhile, Mrs picked up baking and food blogging. She went to restaurants and hotels for valuable reviews, met excellent chefs and of course the other blogger friends that she made give her so much perspective.


After a few months into the marriage, Mrs moved her job and joined an organization that let her be as wild as she could possibly imagine. Selfies with colleagues where the VP’s jump in too, Annual Day, Friday Funday and most important dear colleagues who turned to be great buddies too.


So much change for an all girls’ convent educated girl from a small town in Rajasthan was soul stirring. However she emerged to be better and more brave.

IMG_2320With some more courage Mrs and Mr, booked a house for themselves. It is the happiest they have been, EVER. The parents, family and friends were so proud of them.

A couple of month back another chance was sent our way and that was to start a new chapter in Mumbai. Mrs. knew how important this move shall be for the Mr, so she said yes instantly. She failed to realize how difficult it would be to pull the roots from Bangalore where she spent almost 2500 days of her life. Packing the material possessions was the easier part, but to pack away friendships, love and memories.



Here is when Gumption takes you over, in a good way. It makes you look forward to the new place with same wide eyed joy and anticipation. There will be no fun in being in a new place if you are just going to sit in a corner and miss the old place. We wrapped up Bangalore and got to Mumbai. 🙂 After stumbling a little with the “house situation” I guess I am in a good place. We did a little mandatory Mumbai Darshan last weekend and met friends and their adorable kiddos.

IMG_2595 IMG_2590 IMG_2571 IMG_2559 IMG_2533

I guess all this can only be one thing, A pretty good Start 🙂 Just like housing.com’s

Thanks for reading 🙂



Of Airports and Life #HowWeMet Stories

Airports bring out so many emotions in human beings. Happiness, sadness, love, surprise, disgust, anger… yet all the trips we take have a distinct memory. One such memory is from my travel to South Africa via Dubai.

On the third layover at Dubai, I finally decided to meet this beautiful person I kept seeing over and over again. Stark white hair, flawless caramel color skin and well dressed. The green scarf was a stand out. It was hard miss the smiles this person brought. People would laugh, cry, mindlessly wander to wonderland or even befriend with this person.

The innate warmth and welcoming feel was what drew me to him. There were no presumptions or judgement about him. Every person would treat him differently. When I walked up to the gentleman next to him, he smiled at me and asked for my name. “Pallavi” was what he registered in his mind ad I am glad he did. After a series of questions and a few minutes later I got the opportunity to share the Iced Caffè Mocha with my beloved.


Hours turned to days and then came the year 2011 when we got married. Three gorgeous years hence and the love, companionship and friendship have endured. May there be peace, joy and faith always.

Did you meet this wonderful person yet? If not, rush to the nearest Starbucks store, meet new people and share your #howwemet story 🙂



Third Wedding Anniversary and HIGH

Dear Dear Blog,

A hundred apologies for not greeting you enough. But if it counts, you are always in my thoughts 🙂

So we celebrated out 3rd Wedding Anniversary on 21st nov and it was a lovely day 🙂 Three dates and super awesome memories ❤

IMG_0979 IMG_1021

Date 3

In the evening we went to High lounge at the WTC, Bangalore. The lounge is one the 32nd floor and has a view to die for. The food was lovely as well. The Sesame stir fry dimsums and Kirean Tacos were yummm yumm yummm.

They arranged for a beautiful bouquet for us and of course there was a photographer ready to capture the happy happy moment.

Since I was not there to review the food and all but to enjoy our day, there are not many food pics.

We later ordered a Pad Thai, our all time favorite. 🙂

The DJ was playing some gorgeous tracks and we had to hit the floor. We danced till 12 ish and then headed home as it was an hour long drive. Thank God for Ola cabs, we didn’t have to drive.



All in all, we had a fabulous time. Thank you High for making it an evening to remember.

Oh and I made a kick ass cake the next day… guess what it was eggless, low on sugar and had whole wheat too 😉



Thank you WordPress

Dear WordPress,

Thank you for greeting me today morning with this.

wordpress 7 years

What a glorious ride this has been.

I still remember 7 years back I was still at college and when it came to deciding on which platform to choose, I chose you because of the name and the logo. It was all sounding so uncomplicated and welcoming.

My blogs have been my strength and my weakness at the same time. People have come and gone but they have stood the test of time. They make me, me for reasons good or bad and I thank you for that.

They have kept me secrets in drafts, they have published my emotions and scheduled all things great. Blogging has instilled such lovely things in my life like determination, patience, love and kindness. I know how it feels for a random blogger to get a comment from a stranger. I make  it point to try to do that as often as I can.

You evolved and so did my blog. Here’s wishing more beautiful years ahead.

Love forever,


Award: Quintet of Radiance

My dear Belsbror,

Thank you for nominating my humble little space for the award. It has been a ride to get this one going, but your likes on the posts make me feel wanted; they make me want to write. 🙂

abc-award-1Thank you for the patience and persistance.

So how does this award work?

1. Display the logo in a post

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.

3, Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or a phrase.

4. Nominate at least few bloggers.

Here is my ABC 🙂

A- Always amazed

B- Been there done that

C- Curt

D- Dessert lover

E- Engaging conversations

F- Fit and fat

G- Girl power

H- Happy to help

I- Important/Innovative

J- Jab tak hai jaan is the movie that I hate

K- Kutte main tera khoon pee jaunga is the dialog that I love

L- Love

M- Marriage

N- Nook

O- Opposites attract

P- Power play

Q- Quiet lovely

R- Restless

S- Saint-like

T- Tweets

U- Uber social

V- Very bindaas badass

W- Water baby

X- Xtreme pressure kills me

Y- “Y” me is what I question

Z- Ze blog is my baby :*

I nominate:

Stay blessed guys.






Review- To Persia with Love- Persian Terrace

I learnt to appreciate Middle Eastern Food under the guided and able influence of two of my Egyptian friends who I met when we all were at Oracle. The most striking features about the people from the Middle East are the fact that they know they know their food, love it and are passionate about it. They have extremely fabulous flavor sense. Thanks for the awesome ride through the culinary delights Mokh and Fahim. 🙂

The Persian Terrace, Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is playing host to Chef Abdel Wahed who brings with him the aromas and delicacies of the middle east. He has an experience of about 17 years in the world of food and has been with Sheraton for about 6 years or so. He mixes traditional spices with the contemporary ones and brings together all the flavors of the middle east on one platter. It was a delight to speak to him.

A group of bloggers were invited for tasting of the special menu that Chef Wahed will be serving at the food festival. Here are selected few:

  • Hummus- The traditional and creamy chick pea, fresh lemon, olive oil and sesame dip served with pita bread. It is always my pick at a middle eastern feast.
  • Mohammara- This dip was made with nuts, bread crumbs and pomegranate. Oh what a piece of heaven this was. I duly finished my serving among the raving bloggers.
  • Sambousek cheese- The Indian Samosa counterpart was stuffed with mild spiced cheese.
  • Spinach fatayer- We helped the chef make a couple of these. The dish uses a dough like the one we make for pasta stuffed with spinach which is topped in garlic, olive oil and seasonings. Very clean flavor. It is folded like a tortalini/ravioli.
  • Okra tagine- To be very frank this tomato based okra tagine was my least favorite. The sweetness of the dish didn’t quite match my tastebud expectations. However it wasted well when paired with the cous cous.
  • Kebbeh- This stunning kebab was the show stopper for me. Such beautiful marriage of the spices with that beautiful cold dip. Marvellous.
  • Chicken Shawarma- The shawarma was made in front of us with the chicken that was marinated in a host of spices. He also added onions, peppers and seasoning to it. It was all wrapped in a tandoori roti and grilled. What really caught my fancy was the garlic cream. Boy oh boy!! It was made with egg whites, garlic and olive oil. Simple, clean and amazing. 🙂
  • Sojok roll- This lamb based dish was a pastry with spicy filling, rolled, cut at an angle and served hot with a pickle.
  • Chicken borak- The braised chicken strips which have been marinating in the spices is deep fried and served with phyllo pastry.
  • Moussaka- The Eggplant lasagna, to the layman, is a harmony of vegetables like tomato, potatoes and a spicy sauce. It is topped up with parmesan cheese.
  • Khataief asafiry- This was my most favored dessert. Fluffy pancake stuffed with crème fraiche and nuts is topped with a flavore3d sugar syrup.
  • Zienab finger- These are semolina fingers that are deepfried, dusted with sugar and dipped in rose syrup.
  • Maamoul walnuts- These roasted semolina dumplings are stuffed generously with nuts, cinnamon and sugar.
  • Mohalabia- Is like kheer and is made with milk, dry coconut and nuts.

Do try out the stunning dishes being served. Here is the image of the invite:

Image courtesy: Sheraton Bangalore Facebook page
Image courtesy: Sheraton Bangalore Facebook page

Do you miss the images, please find them here and here.


A glimpse of what I have been up to

This has certainly been a long break but here are glimpses of what I have been up to 🙂

We made oozy cupcakes
We made oozy cupcakes
Dal vada
Dal vada
Soaked fruits and nuts for christmas
Soaked fruits and nuts for Christmas
Make a kick ass cake for our anniversary :)
Make a kick ass cake for our anniversary 🙂
Made labor intensive kachoris
Made labor intensive kachoris
Make a few solitary suppers
Make a few solitary suppers
Made Kurkuri Bhindi twice in a week
Made Kurkuri Bhindi twice in a week
Made these cute chocolate coffee buttons for an order
Made these cute chocolate coffee buttons for an order
Made these cupcakes for 40 beautiful children at an NGO.
Made these cupcakes for 40 beautiful children at an NGO.
Celebrated Karwachauth
Celebrated Karwachauth
Went to an awesome Diwali Dance
Went to an awesome Diwali Dance
Children's day :)
Children’s day 🙂
Our Wedding anniversary
Our Wedding anniversary
Halloween at work
Halloween at work
Had the most awesome time at Diwali with family :)
Had the most awesome time at Diwali with family 🙂

See you around in most posts to come soon 🙂



Restaurant Week Review: Olive Beach

My fav girls in town and I hopped in at Olive beach on a Monday morning to have a super lazy lunch. Restaurant week is on these days and we just love the concept. INR 750 per person without taxes for a stunning menu and the chance to chit chat with Manu Chandra made it a steal deal. We were really happy to notice that vegetarians are very well taken care of. Lip smacking stuff. Here is all that we all ate 🙂 We is this- I love this picture of us. Taken my Monika’s husband N on Onam where she cooked up a storm and we all looked beautiful ❤

Swati aka Chatkhor, Monika aka Sin-a-mon and Me <3 Picture credit Monika Manchanda
Swati aka Chatkhor, Monika aka Sin-a-mon and Me

Swati and Monika have become a life line I rush to and oh I so love them ❤

So lets get back to all the lovely food.

Virgin Sangria
Virgin Sangria

This one is a workday fix. Excellent combination of grape juice, olives, apples and kiwi.

Bread platter with herb butter and olives
Bread platter with herb butter and olives

Aah the beautiful olive bread, whole wheat bread, focaccia and lavash.


Potato and Cream Cheese Chowder
Potato and Cream Cheese Chowder

This was such a hearty soup. Cooked with so much love and care. We loved it.It has sauteed bacon, scallion, carrots and sweet corn

Wild Green Filo Pie
Wild Green Filo Pie

Ohhh the traditional greens get a great packaging and super kick ass style. The red onion salad on top was like sealing the deal. Slurrppppp

Spinach, mustard, amarnath and radish leaves dauted with garlic, almonds and feta wrapped in filo and baked. Served with tomato and onion salad.

Smoked Chicken Salad
Smoked Chicken Salad

Least favorite but I am not complaining.

With apple straws, pomegranate, walnuts in a hummus yogurt dressing


Gnocchi Alla Romana
Gnocchi Alla Romana

More traditional form the Gnocchi where it is baked and finished with a sauce and veggies. Stunner

with grilled asparagus, caramelized mushrooms and artichoke.

Crusted Sea Bass
Crusted Sea Bass

I came to know that the crust was to die for and so was the fish. Since I dont eat it, I dont have much to add 🙂

Parmesan crusted baked fish with duxelle and sauce romesco.

Goat Cheese Risotto
Goat Cheese Risotto

Ohhh so creamy, ohh so perfect. I was in love with the Risotto.

with white wine soaked pearl onions, green peas and fondant potato

Bestest part now 😀 The dessert *drum roll please*

Warm Apple tart
Warm Apple tart

Ohhhh the beautiful tart with a very subtle seasoned apple with cream cheese mousse and the praline Ice cream. We were fighting for it 😀 Slurrppp

Green Apple jam, candied apples, cream cheese mousse, Praline ice cream

Brioche Almond Pudding
Brioche Almond Pudding

The warmth of the pudding and the frangipane are a marriage made in heaven. Such a delight was this one too.

Frangipane, cherry compote and vanilla gelati

Lemon Mousse
Lemon Mousse

I love lemon but daymn this was so damn tart. The lemon sable and ice cream were to die for nontheless 🙂

Warm citrus cake, vanilla sauce and lemon sable

So did you block a restaurant for this year’s Restaurant week?
Do it now. 🙂

16, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560025  Wood St, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560025