Gift Shopping and a cookie

It was one of those hectic days when you have tonnes of work in the office, have to pack for a trip and also pick gifts for a kiddos birthday. Between running around in the aisles of Landmark, making the payment and reasoning (read haggling) with the gift packing lady for a better wrapping sheet, some generous soul handed me two cookies neatly wrapped in a purple and gold wrapping sheet.

This reminded me that I had skipped lunch and I was on so called “diet” where I was supposed to eat every couple of hours. Since my hunger pangs had started to kick in, I quickly opened the cookie pack and started to munch. The golden discs with dark specks of raisins seemed like the universe with black holes in it. Infinite, gorgeous and oh-so-in-my-mouth. 😀 I still had not read the name or the brand it belonged to.

Since I never throw wrappers around in a mall, it stuck with me, in my bag. After a couple of days, while scouting of something in the bag with a million things, the wrapper found me and stared.

I was feeling guilty as the crumbs would have split in the bag, but the cookie wrapper wanted me to take a look at it. And I did. I was amazed to find out that it was from a brand I had never tried, Sunfeast. (being a person with minor OCD, I never change the brand of the things i have been using or consuming) It came in as a big surprise that it was made of oats.

To be very frank, I am not a oats fan, I have to disguise it in some form or the other and tell myself to just gulp it down. Since I had loved it so much, I got a pack to be kept in the office drawer and one for home. The oats, wheat and minimum use of sugar give the cookie the twist of health that we can add to our lifestyle without altering anything at all.

The generous use of dry fruits in all its varieties can make one seem like a “Going all out” for health kinda person, now come on, who does not want that.

Go ahead and give health a fair chance.


Oh and before you go, see this awesome video from Sunfeast 🙂



Restaurant Week Review: Olive Beach

My fav girls in town and I hopped in at Olive beach on a Monday morning to have a super lazy lunch. Restaurant week is on these days and we just love the concept. INR 750 per person without taxes for a stunning menu and the chance to chit chat with Manu Chandra made it a steal deal. We were really happy to notice that vegetarians are very well taken care of. Lip smacking stuff. Here is all that we all ate 🙂 We is this- I love this picture of us. Taken my Monika’s husband N on Onam where she cooked up a storm and we all looked beautiful ❤

Swati aka Chatkhor, Monika aka Sin-a-mon and Me <3 Picture credit Monika Manchanda
Swati aka Chatkhor, Monika aka Sin-a-mon and Me

Swati and Monika have become a life line I rush to and oh I so love them ❤

So lets get back to all the lovely food.

Virgin Sangria
Virgin Sangria

This one is a workday fix. Excellent combination of grape juice, olives, apples and kiwi.

Bread platter with herb butter and olives
Bread platter with herb butter and olives

Aah the beautiful olive bread, whole wheat bread, focaccia and lavash.


Potato and Cream Cheese Chowder
Potato and Cream Cheese Chowder

This was such a hearty soup. Cooked with so much love and care. We loved it.It has sauteed bacon, scallion, carrots and sweet corn

Wild Green Filo Pie
Wild Green Filo Pie

Ohhh the traditional greens get a great packaging and super kick ass style. The red onion salad on top was like sealing the deal. Slurrppppp

Spinach, mustard, amarnath and radish leaves dauted with garlic, almonds and feta wrapped in filo and baked. Served with tomato and onion salad.

Smoked Chicken Salad
Smoked Chicken Salad

Least favorite but I am not complaining.

With apple straws, pomegranate, walnuts in a hummus yogurt dressing


Gnocchi Alla Romana
Gnocchi Alla Romana

More traditional form the Gnocchi where it is baked and finished with a sauce and veggies. Stunner

with grilled asparagus, caramelized mushrooms and artichoke.

Crusted Sea Bass
Crusted Sea Bass

I came to know that the crust was to die for and so was the fish. Since I dont eat it, I dont have much to add 🙂

Parmesan crusted baked fish with duxelle and sauce romesco.

Goat Cheese Risotto
Goat Cheese Risotto

Ohhh so creamy, ohh so perfect. I was in love with the Risotto.

with white wine soaked pearl onions, green peas and fondant potato

Bestest part now 😀 The dessert *drum roll please*

Warm Apple tart
Warm Apple tart

Ohhhh the beautiful tart with a very subtle seasoned apple with cream cheese mousse and the praline Ice cream. We were fighting for it 😀 Slurrppp

Green Apple jam, candied apples, cream cheese mousse, Praline ice cream

Brioche Almond Pudding
Brioche Almond Pudding

The warmth of the pudding and the frangipane are a marriage made in heaven. Such a delight was this one too.

Frangipane, cherry compote and vanilla gelati

Lemon Mousse
Lemon Mousse

I love lemon but daymn this was so damn tart. The lemon sable and ice cream were to die for nontheless 🙂

Warm citrus cake, vanilla sauce and lemon sable

So did you block a restaurant for this year’s Restaurant week?
Do it now. 🙂

16, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560025  Wood St, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560025


Product Review: Bean Tree Hummus

A very talented and gracious entrepreneur from Bangalore, Poornima Dhall, makes really really awesome Hummus from home. She lovingly calls it Bean Tree. It is made at home with best of the ingredients around.

To her repertoire she has 3 stunning Hummus to offer: Classic, Lemon Corriander and Red Pepper. I got to try 2 of them, classic and lemon corriander.

Photo Credit: Monika manchanda
Photo Credit: Monika manchanda
Photo Credit: Monika Manchanda
Photo Credit: Monika Manchanda

Let us try to understand the idea and history of Hummus before I tell you what I think about it.

  • It comes from the Middle East.
  • It is essentially a dip or spread
  • It is rich in iron and vitamin C
  • It is completely vegetarian.
  • It is essentially a complete protein when eaten with bread.

So what do we look for in a dip of this sort? It has to be well seasoned, creamy and spreadable/be used as dip.

Coming back to the Bean tree hummus. The Lemon corriander is in fact the best hummus flavor I have tasted [beyond the regular one that is].  It has the right amount of tart to balance the earthy corriander flavor. We tried it with Pita bread and lavash. The consistency is just right. it does not drip on you but also is great when you try to spread it on the pita. I am definitely going back for more.

The classic one was good as well but I guess the we were sold on the lemon one that we didnt do proper justice to this one. I have one remark on this one, I wish it was a little more seasoned. It lacked salt about just a touch. Over all an extremely happy-about-the-product blogger I am. 🙂

I am told that it is available at Godrej Nature’s Basket but I failed to locate it at Indiranagar and Richmond Town stores. I must check the one at Koramangala. However you may contact her here.

It is priced at 150Rs for 180Gms. A superb deal for such goodness. Do let me know if you try it out. 🙂


Product Review : Fortune Rice Bran Oil

Aaha I was selected as one of the 15 bloggers who get to review this new oil from Fortune. I really did take my time to try different things with this oil and man I am converted. Gone are the days of Sunflower oil, Rice bran here I come.

I am reviewing healthy oil as a part of the BlogAdda’s Product Review Program for Indian Bloggers.

Before even cooking with it, I read a lot about what Rice bran oil is all about. Here is the FAQ session I did with myself. 🙂

  • What is Rice bran oil?

Wiki tells me that  is the oil extracted from the germ and inner husk of rice. It has a high Smoking point and has a mild flavor.

  • Are there any health benefits?

It is said to improve the blood cholesterol, helps to reduce body fat, fights cancer, keeps heart healthy, provide relief during menopause and had antioxidant stability that makes it stable even at high temperatures .

Check out this comparison of fatty Acid%

  • What all can I use this oil for?

Frying, stir frying, as margarine, for roasting nuts etc… I have used it in everyday cooking, baking and even for microwave cooking.

  • Can I make my pet food with this too?

Well yes, a happy pet it a healthy pet. mentions that this oil shall help in the development of muscles, stamina and over all healthy growth.

Since almost all my doubts were wiped from this research, I decided to make a gujju dish [Methi ni bhaji na bhajiya], bake cup cakes [Chocolate lemon cup cakes] and used it religiously for 2 weeks for every day cooking.

Since the bhajiya, as you might have guessed, is nothing but fritters needed deep frying. Being an oil with high smoking point, I got super super crunchy and yet soft bhajiyas.

The cup cakes called for 1/2 cup melted butter, I changed it to oil just to see how this one behaves while baking. To my astonishment, the cup cakes were spongy and luscious. I did not miss the butter in them.

While in my every day cooking, bhakri needs lots of care and good amount of oil. Bhakri’s behaved well with this too. They were soft and packed with punch. My regular stir fried veggies did smile too 🙂

tava pulao
Tava Pualo and Methi ni bhaji na bhajiya

Stir Fried

Stir Fried sprouts
Stir Fried sprouts

Roasted- Khakhra


Baked- Cup cake

chocolate lemon cup cake with Lemon buttercream frosting
chocolate lemon cup cake with Lemon buttercream frosting

Deep Fried delight- Jewish-Iraqi Sambusac


After gorging on all that food for a couple of weeks, when the pati does  not notice the “Difference” in the oil taste, I would say it is damn worth the shift.

Thank you Fortune and blog adda 🙂



Review: Cheesy Boloroni Pizza

Well we did try this one 🙂 In mexican Green Wave.

The promise:

The Cheesy Boloroni Pizza has been loaded with tasty unique stuffing to make it a special treat. It has a unique mix of veg Bolognese sauce and Macaroni, topped with a layer of a new Barbeque flavored Liquid Cheese, and finished with Mozzarella cheese and toppings.

What we got-

boloroni1 boloroni2

Even though we could not see distinct layers, the flavor was there. It was heavy compared to the original pizza. Definitely try worthy again 🙂


Review: Gourmet Pizza Dominos

Have you recently ordered a regular/small pizza that serves 1 from Dominos? Well I did recently and was so so so disappointed.

The promise:


This spicy vegetarian delight is topped with golden corn, loaded with extra cheese and packes quite a punch with its spread of black olives and jalapeno

Price: Regular- 175 plus taxes

What I got:

gourmet pizza

Really…where is the “Gourmet” topping? I could count the corn in it.

Dear Dominos, you really need to work on the stuff you have been delivering lately. You are a comfort food for the woman of the house when the masses arrive to dinner unexpected, loved dinner for weekend poker players. We expect more from you.


Review: Taco indiana veg

Remember the new Advert for taco Indiana? Well this is how it is supposed to look

Taco Indiana Veg

Dig into its oregano sprinkled crispy crust to discover a cheesy layer over spicy veg stuffings.

Price: 89/-

The way I got it.

taco dominoes

There were 2 tikkis in it against the promise of cheesy layer over crispy veg. Crispy yes. Lots of herb yes. Lots of butter yes but not really needed.  It was heavy.

To me it was like veg tikkis wrapped in a Kerala parotta and grilled well.

Will I try it again. No. Tooo buttery for my taste.


Review: Maggi Juicy Specialz- kadhai paneer

Remember that Rahul Khanna and Amrita Puri Advert for the Maggi Juicy Specialz? Here it is.

I did try it out and was not disappointed. In fact the masala is something else. Loved it.

It comes with a gravy pouch, a plastic bag and a band to seal the bag. Priced: INR 50. Well worth it.

All you need is 200 gms paneer, 100 ml water and some chopped capsicum.

The instructions tell me to stash the gravy paste from the pouch, capsicum and paneer in the bag and add the water.
Seal the bag and let it be in the microwave for about 5 min.


  • Smells brillaint
  • Very easy to make
  • Tastes great
  • Makes a lovely accompaniant


  • Cooking in the plastic bag made me a little uncomfortable.
  • The instructions did not tell me at what % of heat do I need to cook it. [Onida microwaves work on heat % ]
  • The capsicum was under done for my taste. I had to cook it for further 4 min after pulling it out of the bag.

Will I try it again: Not in the bag but the masala is definitely to die for.

Things to remember:

  • Always mix the paste with the 100ml water in a bowl before adding to the bag.
  • The bag might look flimsy but holds well.
  • You might tend to drop the bag sealing thingie because it is really tiny but it is one of the most important things.
  • Seal the bag tightly however away from the contents. As far as possible so that the steam created in the bag cooks the paneer.
  • If you are using frozen paneer, thaw it well. 5 min with the curry wont even help the paneer a little.
  • Dont keep the capsicum chunky, it shall not cook well.
  • You might be tempted to add more water but trust me it does not need more than the specified amount.


The paneer was cooked beautifully and tasted very well.

Product Review: MTR Ready To Eat Bhindi Masala

On one of the days where Pati is not around, I decided to try my first Ready to Eat food. Since I dont get to make Bhindi at home, it was an apt choice.

Price: Rs. 55

Quantity: 300 gms.

Do you see that fancy picture on the top? Dont be fooled. The bhindi is pasty when you open the packet.

I heated the contents in the microwave and made chapatis for myself.

The masala from the bhindi “paste” was burning my food pipe. Yuck.

It was a big pile of bhindi mush and spices thrown in carelessly.

I am very sure that I shall NEVER try packaged food from MTR again.

Here is a picture of the horror. I could not go beyond one bite. YUCK. I still shudder at the thought of it.

Dominos 5 Pepper Pizza – Review

Well this one is pepper overload [In a good way if you love peppers like I do].

The website reads this:

“Dominos introduces “5 Peppers” an exotic new Pizza. Topped with Red Bell pepper , Yellow bell pepper, Capsicum, Red paprika, Jalapeno & Sprinked with Exotic Herb”

I doubt the secret herb but there was something tantalizing about the taste. I normally always order the thin crust pizza and the day before, when I ordered, was no exception.

Key facts about the pizza:

  • Mild Jalapeno flavor.
  • Slightly burnt/smoked flavor of the more delicate red and yellow peppers.
  • paprika noticeably missing
  • Beautiful base sauce.
  • Perfect qty of cheese, does not take away the peppery-ness that is expected out of the pizza.
  • Might not look too inviting but certainly deserves a try once. [When it is delivered it certainly does not match the picture on the pamphlet/on the website] Apologies for not clicking a pic of the pizza I got 😦

Pepper fans – you shall love it. Period 🙂