Kempegowda Airport- A Long Drive meets great Food

Every wondered if those long drives could take you to a destination that has great food? Won’t that be an ideal scenario?

Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore welcomes you to one of the safest, quick and “a-meal-for-all-budgets” destination.

Airports have a heart and soul because of the emotions it witnesses day in and day out. The mother who is waiting for the sin to arrive, the brother who is waving good bye, the hardworking father who has returned to the motherland after so many years…. and so many more. It thus becomes imperative to keep the pace of the terminal in check. When one arrives at the Bangalore Airport, there are no loud signs for these eating joints that bombard you in the face. All they have is neat, aesthetically arranged signage, huge National flag in the background and carefully screened menu.

I was invited for a food bloggers table event a couple of days back. I was very thrilled to meet a few familiar faces and a new ones too. A bloggers table that is well managed has few key components:

  • It is interactive.
  • People who matter are there to talk about things they have done with so much love and hard work.
  • A PR agency who is not nagging you to do publicity stuff.
  • Right questions at the right time. 🙂

Oh well coming back to the airport, the layout is clean and distinct. The aim is to make the outside section of the terminals as fluid as possible. That shall clearly explain why Hatti Kapi, Chai Point are in the center; Maiyas, Subway and cafe Noir towards the Departure and Kati Zone at the Arrival side.

The strategic need of these eateries placement is based on the emotion that they can cater to. One last chow chow bath, one last lazy continental fare, quick grub before I leave for city, chai like home and affordable filter coffee.

Whats in it for people who are not arriving from or departing to a place? Well, I have my points to prove why Kempegowda Airport should be on the culinary Map:

  • It is extremely safe.
  • It is at a distance that one can definitely quantify as a long drive.
  • The Selection of the food is HUGE.
  • Last but not the least, it has Cafe Noir. Period 🙂 (I am biased that way)

So you might ask, all this build up sounds good but what about the food options and the taste thereof? Worry not mate, here is your one stop reckoner for all the options that you can explore.

I shall start off from Left to the right:


Ambiance: Minimalist casual **** 4/5

Location: Extreme Left (When you are walking in toward to the terminals)

Food Type: Continental/French

USP: All day long affordable luxury.

Value of Money: **** 4/5

Variety: Soups, Quiches, Salads, Pastas, Breads, Burgers, non alcoholic drinks, Meats. Excellent array of french pastry from Croissants to eclairs, from Tarte Tatin to Opera and not to forget all these comes along with the specials of the day. 🙂

Taste:  I tried the Pesto Pasta with Penne. It was creany, light and fragrant. All in all it sealed the deal. **** 4/5

For dessert I tried the Chocolate Mousse with Pear/Apple Verrine and RicheLieu. For the love of God you must ust try the RicheLieu. It had a beautiful Almond shortcrust with gorgeous creamy filling and topped with fruits. The mousse was topped with beautiful crumble and the granny smith apples-chocolate combination is to die for. ***** 5/5

Specials: All day breakfast menu and desserts. They do take away’s also.

Price for two: 1000 (without alcohol)

10489816_10152055650576324_6804804614654626733_n  10437338_10152055651156324_8255483901827606957_n 10348194_10152055650206324_1662097173938280136_n  10426700_10152055651961324_3578126815447718362_n


Ambiance: No Frill and Demand Meets supply *** 3/5

Location: In Front of Departure Terminal 3-4

Food Type: South Indian

USP: 100% vegetarian.

Value of Money: **** 4/5

Variety: Breakfast Menu: Khara bhat, chow chow bhat, Pongal, Idli, Vada, Dosa, Utthapam ans so.

Taste:  I tried the chow chow bhat, the traditional breakfast for South India. The Upma was extremely flavorful and had a warmth to it. The masala which was added to it was making it soulful and gave it a good depth. The sweet pongal was gorgeous with the right amount of sweetness. **** 4/5

Specials: All day100 % vegetarian fare. They do take away’s also.

Price for two: 250/-


Logo - Subway

Ambiance: Minimalist casual take away *** 3/5

Location: In Front of departure gates 5-6

Food Type: Salad, Subs and cookies.

USP: Fresh baked bread. Clearly segregated veg and non veg sections. Even employees have specific badges to indicate the section they work on.

Value of Money: *** 3/5

Variety: Salads, Foot long, Subs, choice of breads, sauces, beverages and fillings

Taste:  I sampled the new chatpata chana sub sometime back (not at the airport). It has a beautiful crunchy patty with the usual suspects which go in my sandwich- Honey mustard, south west and chilly sauces. ***1/2    3.5/5

Specials: Four new Vegetarian subs.

Price for two: 500


Ambiance: Minimalist *** 3/5

Location: Center of the terminal

Food Type: Teas

USP: Homemade tea taste

Value of Money: **** 4/5

Variety: Dum, Masala, Lemon, Ginger, Classic, Kashmiri, Green Sword, Black Pearl- warm teas. A variety of Ice teas- Lemon, apply, pomegranate, Ginger lemon, cranberry, peach and lychee.

Taste: Since my husband travels a LOT, he misses tea like crazy. Thanks to the Chai point at the airport, his ginger tea is sorted. Since I am not a tea drinker, I asked him to rate it, he said he would happy give it a **** 4/5

Specials: Chai Flask. It can hold upto 10 tea cups. One needs to download the app and order the number the cups needed. It is ready to be taken away in 30 min. They also give you the tea cups to go with it. The tea shall stay warm for upto 2-3 hours.

Price for two: 100/-


ordDeliverMediaAmbiance: Minimalist *** 3/5

Location: Center of the terminal

Food Type: Coffee with Iyengar Bakery biscuits

USP: Affordable Filter Coffee

Value of Money: ***** 5/5

Variety:Coffee, Pot coffee, Cold coffee, biscuit, fresh ground coffee to buy and maddur vada

Taste: The excellent frothy and perfectly sweetened coffee. **** 4/5

Specials: The differently abled are given an equal employable opportunity. The price of the coffee here is Rs 15, which is lower than even what I get at my office. 🙂

Price for two: 50/-


kaati zone logoAmbiance: Minimalist *** 3/5

Location: Towards the taxi boarding point

Food Type: Rolls on the go.

USP: Affordable Filter Coffee

Value of Money: *** 3/5

Variety:Batata vada, corn-peas, paneer, meats etc

Taste: New flavors for fillings makes it an overall a decent option while you are on the go.

Specials: You my preorder the rolls/combos by calling on 080-69657771/2 🙂

Price for two: 350-400/-

For any feedback or queries please mail

All Complaints/Grievances/Compliments/Suggestions may please be sent to :

(a) Contact Person (Nodal Officer) – Terminal Manager :

(b) Point of Escalation (Appellate Authority) – GM-Aviation Stakeholder & Quality Management :


There was also a news byte that I gave for TV9. Here is the link. Oh and I am on the still of the video too 😀


Review- To Persia with Love- Persian Terrace

I learnt to appreciate Middle Eastern Food under the guided and able influence of two of my Egyptian friends who I met when we all were at Oracle. The most striking features about the people from the Middle East are the fact that they know they know their food, love it and are passionate about it. They have extremely fabulous flavor sense. Thanks for the awesome ride through the culinary delights Mokh and Fahim. 🙂

The Persian Terrace, Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is playing host to Chef Abdel Wahed who brings with him the aromas and delicacies of the middle east. He has an experience of about 17 years in the world of food and has been with Sheraton for about 6 years or so. He mixes traditional spices with the contemporary ones and brings together all the flavors of the middle east on one platter. It was a delight to speak to him.

A group of bloggers were invited for tasting of the special menu that Chef Wahed will be serving at the food festival. Here are selected few:

  • Hummus- The traditional and creamy chick pea, fresh lemon, olive oil and sesame dip served with pita bread. It is always my pick at a middle eastern feast.
  • Mohammara- This dip was made with nuts, bread crumbs and pomegranate. Oh what a piece of heaven this was. I duly finished my serving among the raving bloggers.
  • Sambousek cheese- The Indian Samosa counterpart was stuffed with mild spiced cheese.
  • Spinach fatayer- We helped the chef make a couple of these. The dish uses a dough like the one we make for pasta stuffed with spinach which is topped in garlic, olive oil and seasonings. Very clean flavor. It is folded like a tortalini/ravioli.
  • Okra tagine- To be very frank this tomato based okra tagine was my least favorite. The sweetness of the dish didn’t quite match my tastebud expectations. However it wasted well when paired with the cous cous.
  • Kebbeh- This stunning kebab was the show stopper for me. Such beautiful marriage of the spices with that beautiful cold dip. Marvellous.
  • Chicken Shawarma- The shawarma was made in front of us with the chicken that was marinated in a host of spices. He also added onions, peppers and seasoning to it. It was all wrapped in a tandoori roti and grilled. What really caught my fancy was the garlic cream. Boy oh boy!! It was made with egg whites, garlic and olive oil. Simple, clean and amazing. 🙂
  • Sojok roll- This lamb based dish was a pastry with spicy filling, rolled, cut at an angle and served hot with a pickle.
  • Chicken borak- The braised chicken strips which have been marinating in the spices is deep fried and served with phyllo pastry.
  • Moussaka- The Eggplant lasagna, to the layman, is a harmony of vegetables like tomato, potatoes and a spicy sauce. It is topped up with parmesan cheese.
  • Khataief asafiry- This was my most favored dessert. Fluffy pancake stuffed with crème fraiche and nuts is topped with a flavore3d sugar syrup.
  • Zienab finger- These are semolina fingers that are deepfried, dusted with sugar and dipped in rose syrup.
  • Maamoul walnuts- These roasted semolina dumplings are stuffed generously with nuts, cinnamon and sugar.
  • Mohalabia- Is like kheer and is made with milk, dry coconut and nuts.

Do try out the stunning dishes being served. Here is the image of the invite:

Image courtesy: Sheraton Bangalore Facebook page
Image courtesy: Sheraton Bangalore Facebook page

Do you miss the images, please find them here and here.


Restaurant Week Review: Olive Beach

My fav girls in town and I hopped in at Olive beach on a Monday morning to have a super lazy lunch. Restaurant week is on these days and we just love the concept. INR 750 per person without taxes for a stunning menu and the chance to chit chat with Manu Chandra made it a steal deal. We were really happy to notice that vegetarians are very well taken care of. Lip smacking stuff. Here is all that we all ate 🙂 We is this- I love this picture of us. Taken my Monika’s husband N on Onam where she cooked up a storm and we all looked beautiful ❤

Swati aka Chatkhor, Monika aka Sin-a-mon and Me <3 Picture credit Monika Manchanda
Swati aka Chatkhor, Monika aka Sin-a-mon and Me

Swati and Monika have become a life line I rush to and oh I so love them ❤

So lets get back to all the lovely food.

Virgin Sangria
Virgin Sangria

This one is a workday fix. Excellent combination of grape juice, olives, apples and kiwi.

Bread platter with herb butter and olives
Bread platter with herb butter and olives

Aah the beautiful olive bread, whole wheat bread, focaccia and lavash.


Potato and Cream Cheese Chowder
Potato and Cream Cheese Chowder

This was such a hearty soup. Cooked with so much love and care. We loved it.It has sauteed bacon, scallion, carrots and sweet corn

Wild Green Filo Pie
Wild Green Filo Pie

Ohhh the traditional greens get a great packaging and super kick ass style. The red onion salad on top was like sealing the deal. Slurrppppp

Spinach, mustard, amarnath and radish leaves dauted with garlic, almonds and feta wrapped in filo and baked. Served with tomato and onion salad.

Smoked Chicken Salad
Smoked Chicken Salad

Least favorite but I am not complaining.

With apple straws, pomegranate, walnuts in a hummus yogurt dressing


Gnocchi Alla Romana
Gnocchi Alla Romana

More traditional form the Gnocchi where it is baked and finished with a sauce and veggies. Stunner

with grilled asparagus, caramelized mushrooms and artichoke.

Crusted Sea Bass
Crusted Sea Bass

I came to know that the crust was to die for and so was the fish. Since I dont eat it, I dont have much to add 🙂

Parmesan crusted baked fish with duxelle and sauce romesco.

Goat Cheese Risotto
Goat Cheese Risotto

Ohhh so creamy, ohh so perfect. I was in love with the Risotto.

with white wine soaked pearl onions, green peas and fondant potato

Bestest part now 😀 The dessert *drum roll please*

Warm Apple tart
Warm Apple tart

Ohhhh the beautiful tart with a very subtle seasoned apple with cream cheese mousse and the praline Ice cream. We were fighting for it 😀 Slurrppp

Green Apple jam, candied apples, cream cheese mousse, Praline ice cream

Brioche Almond Pudding
Brioche Almond Pudding

The warmth of the pudding and the frangipane are a marriage made in heaven. Such a delight was this one too.

Frangipane, cherry compote and vanilla gelati

Lemon Mousse
Lemon Mousse

I love lemon but daymn this was so damn tart. The lemon sable and ice cream were to die for nontheless 🙂

Warm citrus cake, vanilla sauce and lemon sable

So did you block a restaurant for this year’s Restaurant week?
Do it now. 🙂

16, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560025  Wood St, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560025


Trashy Movies Gourmet Party

Oh come on dont make a face now, we all love to hate them. Angoor ka dana, Chatt pe soya tha behnoi, Doodh Ban jaungi.. and the list is long. 🙂 One can enjoy these movies and songs for the sole purpose of laughing at the trashy makeup, rolling on the floor on the dialog delivery and garish outfits. Why not have a party with your beloved friends who would love the theme as well 😉 Also there is a dedicated Facebook page for the same.

So here it is:

Theme- Trashy Movies Gourmet Party

Dress Code- Dress up as any trashy song that you like characters.

For ambiance there shall be posters, head gears, masks and overload of makeup available for all to dress up.

So what all does the food part need? A few kick ass starters, drinks, a delicious main and a delightful dessert. And food has to be gourmet coz we love good food. No compromise there.

Tarts with Tamarind and dates chutney flavored filling- I love their this chutney. It has right tart and sweet mix.

Paneer Makhani Flavored tikkis- I can only imagine who well they would turn out.

Dal Bukhara with Jeera Rice- Seriously if you have not had Maah di dat it ITC you have missed something very vital.

Paneer Durbari– Those luscious cubes of paneer in that rich smooth gravy.

Moog dal halwa– That beautiful golden color of the halwa is to die for.

And of course there shall be Roti/paratha.

What theme party shall you host?

This post is a part of Indobloggers challenge.


My best of 2012

This blog has been the center of my life for sometime now. It helped me experiment with things I was unfamiliar with.

First recipe – Dahi Tikkas

First cake- Eggless zebra cake

First Bread- Pistachio Bread

First Fresh Bread Rolls- Spring onion and cheese spring rolls

First Gujarati Dish- Kobi Dungri nu shaaq

First Original Dish- Maggi Stuffed bun

First post that had our picture- The Gujju Bahu

First Blog Hope post- Aalu Posto

First Restaurant Review- Leb-Mex

The toughest Gujarati Dish I learnt to make- Handvo

First left over food reuse post- Quick Mango Cake

Most stunning cooking I made but forgot to note the recipe- Choco-Vanilla Clouds cookies

Most adored menu for a party at home- Brunch at home

Most loved dish by the extended family- Lasagna Rolls

Sauce that always impresses- Basic Tomato Sauce

Friendships day cake- Devils cake

My First Edible gift- Housewarming gift

My First blog event- Fun Fair Food event and Round up

My Birthday Cake- Peach Chocolate mousse cake

Gujarati Thali at home

Most colorful cake I made- Checkerboard cake

First Ashtami puja at home- Ashtami Puja

My first prize from a blog event- Kid’s delight

First Interview on my Blog- Beyond the URL: Nandita

Cake I made for friend’s wedding- Dark Chocolate orange cake

First pie that I made- Bulgar Empanada Galella

Pati’s Birthday cake- 7 layer Neapolitan cake

Post straight from the heart- 28 things I wish I had learnt sooner

Post for our Anniversary- Our Story

Karva chauth

Most loved Indian sweet- Gulab Jamun

Most stunning picture post- Almond peanut cake

Hope you like them too 🙂



Sunshine Award

Well this has been long due now 😦 Sincere apologies Sheelu.


The Rules:

  • If you are nominated you must include the link in a blog, linking to the person/blog that nominated you.
  • You must answer some questions and nominate 10 fellow bloggers and link their blogs in your post. Let the people you have nominated know that you have nominated them!

Now as per the rules.. here comes the questions:

  1. Who is your favorite philosopher? Dont need one
  2. What is your favorite number? 8
  3. What is your favorite animal? Dog ❤
  4. What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs?
  5. What is your favorite time of day? Waking up the pati. It is the most tedious task but I enjoy torturing him 😀
  6. What was your favourite vacation? Coorg 🙂 It was just the right holiday. Homestay, friends, fishing, tea estate, trails, colors and clours.
  7. What is your favorite physical activity? Used to be Yoga 😐 But just the up and down in the office and home for now.
  8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Fresh lime water sweet and salt.
  9. What is your favorite flower? Calla Lilly
  10. What is your passion? To cook, read and just be me.

And finally this award goes to:





Kitchen Queen




I am not cheating

Can a mother love one child more than the other? Imagine when she is asked to choose between the lot? It is tough…

Similarly bloggers have a tough time choosing which blog to be more faithful to. I blog here too, which is my primary blog.

Currently I am a part of Marathon Bloggers.

And I am 3 days into the event 🙂 Please pray for me that I am able to do full justice to the marathon.


Day 2

Day 3

I shall update you soon Dear Blog. 🙂



28 things I wish I had learnt sooner

While sitting on the pati’s rocking chair today and “trying” to work, it occurred to me that I have ignored a lot of things along the years.

I turned 28 in 2012 hence 28 things I wish I had learnt sooner came to picture.

  1. Money today gone tomorrow if very apt. Learn from it.
  2. They way you treat others should be inversely proportional to the respect they usually get. It shall stun them.
  3. Grudges are like leaving a bullet in the scar for too long.
  4. Passion keeps love for life alive. Nothing else.
  5. It is not shameful to not be the star at school/college. It is the not-acknowledged one that steal your thunder later in life. Its a circle.
  6. Unless you tell people what you think, they will assume that you are okay with them dealing with things for you.
  7. Recognize that hours, days, years will never matter when good friends meet. It takes flash of time for them to catch up on things in life.
  8. Be brave and stand up for yourself even if it is against your parents.
  9. Be patient with relationships.
  10. Once you treat someone the way they should not have been treated, listen to your instinct and mend it.
  11. Criticizing people is sometimes the best way to let go of the negatives that you pile up.
  12. Shape of your body is they way you look at yourself. Let it never be how others feel about you.
  13. Getting in and out of relationships never defines who you are or can be. It is the relationship that lets you be who you are and keep you the way you are, are worth the effort.
  14. Credit cards are friends if you can manage them else they are killing machines.
  15. Being harsh on yourself makes you a better person.
  16. When someone tells you good about yourself, believe them. They wont be so generous all the time.
  17. Doing what you are supposed to do might not be what you love to do. Recognize it.
  18. Gender Bias is not a tale of bygone days.
  19. Women have sharper instincts. Listen to them when they have something important to tell you.
  20. Do a quick SWOT analysis in your head before making a strong suggestion. You would not want to chew your own words now, would you?
  21. People always things that you do for them, even if they dont acknowledge them. Dont even give up on this habit.
  22. Believers are the best people to hang out with.
  23. Each journey you embark on has a special significance. Cherish it.
  24. Sometimes even round holes accommodate square pegs.
  25. Pay it back to the people who have invested their blood and sweat in your life.
  26. Acknowledge the achievements of people dear to you.
  27. Losing a hobby to get a new one is not a crime.
  28. Think on all these more often 🙂


Our Story

I was yet another freak at college

We met like any other person we would meet at the college in 2006.

We met more freaks like us whom we call friends

And even after the whole bunch of freaks that we know…They never stopped finding us

And then we saw friends getting married/engaged/in a serious relationship

While we were roaming at Bannerghatta park

Our parents were looking for matches for us already. But an idea struck and we got engaged on Feb 19, 2011

And on Nov 21.2011 we got married

And the craziness continued….

May God bless us 🙂

Love you always Pati :*