The Gujju Bahu

4 months into the marriage and being the new Gujju bahu I MUST learn a couple of things to keep the family happy. Ours is a love marriage between conservative Gujjus and liberal Panjus. We did get our bite of the storm before the wedding but like they say “All’s well that ends well”.

That aside I cooked up a storm for lunch this morning.

The famous Gujju dal [Lentils packed with flavor], Besan Shimla Mirch [Capsicum covered with gram flour], chapati and steamed rice. I guess I should do a Gujrati Food 101 for bahus who are non-gujju. A few did-you-know’s about Gujju eating habits are in place.

  • Not all food are sweet.
  • Various preparations use sugar but most of them use Jaggery. Gujjus love their jaggery.
  • Oil is used in ABUNDANCE. While cooking, after cooking and even before eating.
  • Ghee is a must for dishes that have rice as a base.
  • Khichdi [In the family they like it of a pulav consistency] is the staple and is most of the times made of Tuvar dal.
  • For dinner you can be served the following: Bataka poha [Sweet and sharp potato with beaten rice], pakoras, dhokli, dhokla, khaman, papdi [Steamed Rice flour], masala bhakri with chundo,handvo [savoury pan cake] and the like.
  • The food universe for Gujju’s is VAST. They use a variety of loths [aata/flours] – Ghau na Kakra loth, gota nu loth, handvo nu loth, besan nu loth, bajra nu loth, besan na kakra loth, chokha nu loth are to name a few. Phew! All of them can be found in ready to use packets across Gujrat.
  • Even the Pickles go to make a long list.
  • Bhakri is more preferred than chapati. And if chapatis are made they look transparent [Yeah they are that time and doused in ghee]

Till now I have been able to make a few of them on my own, few under the supervision of the MIL and few even after reading few recipes online.

This is us ❤








More from the Gujju universe soon.