P: Pistachio Squares

I read a wonderful recipe on good food online. I love chocolate, I love pistachio and this one has the best of both ❤ I drew inspiration from this one and churned my own version 🙂

This post is a part of Blogging Marathon. For the first week of BM#32.

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You shall need:

150 gms plus 20 gms… Shelled pistachios

200 gms.. Dark chocolate chopped in small pieces

200 gms… room temp butter

3/4 cup… fine sugar

3 eggs

1 cup… Flour

1 tsp.. salt

1/2 cup … milk

1/2 cup… Sour cream [Add 1 tbsp vinegar or lemon to 1/2 cup cream. Let it stand for 15 min]

For the glaze:

100 gms.. Dark chocolate

1/3 cup… cream

1 tbsp.. butter


  • In a mixer or food processor, mix the chocolate and 150gms pistachios until they resemble bread crumbs.
  • Sift the flour and salt and keep aside.
  • Using a whisk, beat the eggs and sugar.
  • Mix the sour cream, flour and milk.
  • Tip in the chocolate and pistachio mix.
  • Bake in a lined rectangle tray for 20-25 min at 180C oven.
  • Make the glaze by heating the cream and pouring over chopped chocolate.
  • Add the butter.
  • To assemble the cake, pour the ganache on top and sprinkle the chopped pista generously.

pista cake




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