Blogoversary Event and Giveaway

This blog has almost been the center of my life for a year now. On 31st Jan, it shall turn a year old. I am really proud of what I have achieved with this blog.

It has been one hell of a ride.

I would love the share this joy with you through a Blogoversary Event.


What- Signature Recipes [One recipe per blog/person] Please do write about the history of the recipe. How it became your signature recipe.

Who can participate- Everyone who would love to share their beloved recipe. [However only Indian Postal Codes shall be eligible for giveaway]

When- Jan 21, 2012 to Feb 28, 2012

Other details-

  • You must cook the dish and post a picture of the same on the blog along with the recipe.
  • No Archived entries shall be entertained.
  • The recipe can be of any cuisine and follow any method of cooking.
  • Multiple entries are NOT welcome.
  • Please provide a link of the event on your post.
  • Use of logo is mandatory.

A Surprise gift for 2 random winners shall be announced in the First week of March.

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Pomegranate and Orange Salad

The pati is a pomegranate fan. Although I always felt that getting the glistening rubies our of the pomegranate shell is the toughest task but with a tip that I learnt online, it has never been easier.

I took a bowl full of water and immersed halved pomegranate in it. Then I started to break it and release the seeds in the water. The white shell floated on the top and the seeds settled down. Isn’t it a handy tip to keep. ūüôā

So for the salad you shall need: [Feeds 2]

2…Pomegranate’s seeds

5-6.. Lettuce leaves [Washed and torn into bite size pieces]

Juice of 1 orange [I used fresh orange juice]

1/2 tsp… Grated ginger

1 tbsp… Olive oil

1 tbsp… Sesame seeds

Salt and pepper to taste


  • Soak the Pomegranate seeds in the orange juice and ginger for about 30 min.
  • Toss everything in a bowl and serve with a sprinkling of Sesame seeds. ūüôā


Beyond the URL – Archana Potdar

Archana is a woman of Andaz. She has been wonderfully influenced by 2 great cooks in her life, her mom and her MIL. ūüôā I came across her blog through a blogging marathon and I am really glad I did. She loves to cook by the eye and that makes her cooking more special, in my opinion. She blogs here.

Read on more about her here.

  • Who is the person behind the blog? Tell us something about yourself.

Though I ,that is Archana Potdar, is the face of the blog, The Mad Scientist’s Kitchen, it’s my family who are the real  driving force;  the  Guinea pigs, the rabbits on whom I experiment. Though I can safely say no one has died at my hands as yet, I cannot predict the future.  Lets see.

I am a graduate from¬†Karnatak¬†University,¬†Dharwad. I used to read a lot but now I cannot concentrate enough, plus the fact that once I start reading I forget the world, has forced me to cut down the habit of reading. I do not enjoy any sport or TV. I love music, generally I listen to old Hindi songs as they are melodious and have some meaning.¬†¬†My daughters( yes I have two daughters one is 18 and other just turned 11) sporadically try educating me in the English songs they listen to but then¬†Dilli¬†abhi¬†door hai…

Thankfully I have only one husband; he is my friend more than my husband and the support. He has held my hands when I have been happy and sad. The head of our family is my FIL who lives with us.


  • Take us through your blog journey.

I lost my Mil 15 years ago, my mother and my mainstay 12 years ago so there was a vacuum. My cooking was at its lowest point, nothing I made was okay about the same time my SIL Smita, suggested that I start writing down what I made well. Maybe she realized that I need an outlet for my feelings so I started maintaining a diary on the computer. Then slowly she started pushing me to share them with others. Now I am grateful to her for she not only helped me cope with my feelings but also introduced me to a brand new world that has helped me to come in terms with what I have in life.

  • ¬†Share the most proud moment as a¬†blogger.

I am proud of the fact that I have friends who appreciate my work. There are friends who encourage me to bake and buy them from me. I am proud that my family is caring enough to help me and is critical, very critical of what I do.


  • What are your tips to keep a blog worthy of its followers?

There is no substitute to hard and original work. If you copy give credit to others work. You are not a thief. So the only¬†tip¬†will be,‚Ä̬†be¬†honest.‚ÄĚ


  • What are your other interests that keep you sane?

  I love music, reading, lazing around. I like to socialize too but then I cannot take crowds.


  • What kind of food the family appreciates? Does it affect the content on the blog?

We appreciate fish, chicken but then that is something we eat out. Every time we eat out we try new dishes and analyze it and try it out at home with vegetarian foods.


  • How do you promote your blog?

I wish I had the time to promote my blog, between Office, home and other jobs I just do not have the time.


  • List out your top 5¬†favourite¬†blogs¬†that you love to follow [Should include 2 Indian¬†Bloggers]

This is your toughest question.  I will not name anyone but depending on the need I visit different people like one for baking, one for south Indian etc.


  • ¬†Do you sometimes feel that you will not be able to blog after “X” Years/months? If yes, how do you deal with it?

When I give up blogging it will be for health reasons none other. So at that time I will have other concerns to face. But I hope it does not come to that.


  • ¬†Final Question on personal effects:

Favorite cuisineР  I am not particular I love food period and can try any new thing or old.

 TV ShowРI like stand up comedies. I can watch animal planet or discovery channel anytime, in fact I prefer that to any show even cookery shows.

Book– right now Harry Potter series, Clive¬†Clusser, ¬†Enid¬†Blyton,¬† Tintin,¬† Astrix and ¬†Obelix¬† ‚Ķ‚Ķ..! Nora Roberts, Jessica Steele… many more cannot remember.

Beverage– I love coffee but then I have problems so now I have switched over to tea, like soft drinks too.

Restaurant– None specific

Birthday- 19November every year without fail till now.

¬†Film–¬†Mackenna’s Gold, Sound of Music,¬†Chupke¬†Chupke,¬†Abhiman,¬†Chakde¬†India, Lagaan, ¬†Gajjani,¬†Bol¬†bhachan, Shall we Dance? Whoopie Goldberg movies, Lara Croft‚Ķ Star Trek

 Music genreРI like a nice tune soft and melodious singing. I do not know what genre this will be classified.

Gadget- Radio

 My purse must haveРMoney lots and lots of it!! (Makes me sound very materialistic does it not?)

One habit I am proud of– that I have no good habits!

002-Have a great time in the kitchen dear Mad Scientist. We love reading your blog. ūüôā


Tilli Phalli Shimla Mirch

I saw this recipe on Food Food in a Sanjeev kapoor’s show. It is a sure shot crowd pleaser. The pati loves capsicum, peanut and sesame…and guess what this one dish has it all.

You shall need: [Feeds 2]

3… Medium size capsicums [Diced in small-ish pieces]

1 tbsp.. Oil

1/2 tsp… Jeera/cumin seeds

1/2 tsp… Rai/Mustard Seeds

a pinch of hing

1…green chilly [Diced]

1 tsp… Tamarind paste [to taste]


For dry masala-

6 tbsp… Peanuts [roasted]

2 tbsp… Sesame seeds

1 tbsp… Poppy seeds [Soak in water for 10 min]


1 tsp… Red chilly powder [As per taste]

1/2 tsp… Turmeric

1 tbsp… Dhaniya seeds / corriander seeds

1/2 tsp… Jeera powder


  • In a wok, heat oil.
  • Add jeers and rai. Let it splutter.
  • Add the green chilly.
  • Now add the capsicum and a little water.
  • Reduce the flame to low-med. Cover with a lid and cook until half done.
  • TO make the masala, in a dry grinder, grind dhaniya seeds first.
  • Now add the peanuts, poppy seeds, jeera powder, 1 tbsp sesame seeds, red chilly powder and salt.
  • Churn untila coarse powder is made.
  • Once the capsicums are half done, tip the masala in the wok.
  • Stir well. Add little water if needed.
  • Now add the tamarind paste and mix well.
  • Taste to adjust the seasoning.
  • Serve with bhakri, paratha or Poori.

tilli phalli


Tava Pulao

This scrumptious street food comes from Gujarat.

Gujju Food 101I made it with left over rice and served it for dinner. The Pati could not get enough of it. ūüôā

tava pulao

You shall need: [Serves 2]

3 cup… Cooked rice

1/2 cup… Tomato Puree

1… Medium Size tomato [chopped]

1/2 cup… Peas [Boiled]

1.. Onion [chopped]

2.. green chillies [chopped]

1/4 cup… Coriander [Washed and chopped]

1/4 cup… Carrots [Washed, diced and boiled]

5-6…Cauliflower florets [Washed and boiled]

1.5 tbsp… Pav bhaji masala

1 tbsp… Dhaniya powder

1/2 tsp… Turmeric powder

1/2 tsp.. Jeera

2 tbsp… Oil

2 tbsp… Butter


Lemon [to taste]

Pinch of hing


  • In a pan, heat oil. Add cumin seeds and let them splutter.
  • Add a pinch of hing.
  • Add onions and cook them until they turn pink.
  • Now add green chillies and tomatoes.
  • Cook until tomatoes are semi done.
  • Add the puree, salt, pav bhaji masala, turmeric powder and dhaniya powder.
  • Once the masala leaves the fat, add all the veggies and cook until the masala is done.
  • In a separate pan, heat 1/2 tbsp butter. Add some rice [As need be] toss it in butter.
  • Add about 3-4 tbsp of the masala. Mix it well.
  • Serve it hot with some butter on the top.

I served it with Methi ni bhaji na gota [Methi pakoras] and dahi.


Goes to-

Street Food of the world


Fada Ni Khichdi- Microwave Method

I made this khichdi with broken wheat and moong dal sprouts [Magh ni dal]. It is very scrumptious and easy to make.

Gujju Food 101This post is a part of the Electric Appliance theme at BM#24 hosted by Srivalli.

Appliance highlighted- Microwave.

You shall need: [Serves 2]

3/4 cup… Daliya/broken wheat [Washed]

1/2 tsp… Jeera

Pinch of heeng

1/2 cup… Moong dal sprouts [Washed] — you may also add other veggies of your choice. Beans, peas, carrot, cauliflower etc.

1 tsp.. Chilly powder

1/2 tsp… Turmeric powder

1 tbsp.. Ghee


2 cup.. hot water


  • In a glass bowl, combine the ghee, cumin seeds, asafoetida and microwave on high for 1 minute.
  • Add the broken wheat, mix well and cover with a lid. Microwave on HIGH for 1 minute, stirring once in between after 30 seconds.
  • Add all the other ingredients and 2 cups of hot water and mix well.
  • Cover with a lid and microwave on HIGH for 9 minutes.
  • Stir well and microwave on HIGH for 2 more minutes.
  • Pour the ghee over the dish and serve hot.



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Spinach and Corn lasagna

I usually cook the lasagna sheets before making a lasagna but recently I came across a couple of recipes that urged me to try the uncooked version. may I say the results are fantastic and obviously more effective.

This post is a part of the Electric Appliance theme at BM#24 hosted by Srivalli.

Appliance highlighted- OTG.

You shall need: [Serves 1]

For bechamel Sauce-

3 tbsp… Butter

2 tbsp… All Purpose Flour/maida

1 cup…milk [Plus more to adjust the thickness]

To add to the sauce-

15-20… Washed leaves of Spinach [Blanch them in boiling water for 1 min and then put under cold water.]

1/3 cup… American Corn [Boiled]

1/2 + 1./4 cup … Cheese of your choice [I used cheddar and processed half and half]

Salt and pepper

3 sheets of lasagna pasta


  • heat the milk and keep aside.
  • In a heavy pan, melt the butter.
  • Add the flour and stir well and quickly.
  • It shall look like a scattered mass of flour and butter but keep stirring it until a uniform mass of flour is not formed.
  • After cooking it for 4-5 min, the flour shall turn slightly brown.
  • Add a couple of tbsp of milk to moisten the flour and butter.
  • Take a whisk and add the remaining milk while stirring constantly.
  • You shall be left with creamy sauce.
  • At this point, add salt, pepper, 1/2 cup cheese, corn and spinach.
  • Mix well and keep aside until use.
  • Pre heat oven to 165-170 C.
  • In a baking tray, put some sauce in the bottom of the tray.
  • Put a sheet of pasta on top of it.
  • layer with some more sauce and repeat the process.
  • Once the 3rd sheet is placed on the sauce, pour the remaining sauce.
  • Now add the 1/3 cup cheese on top.

spinach lasagna1

  • Bake for 20 min.

Serve with love

spinach lasagna2


Eggless cake with Peanut Butter frosting

I made this cake with practically things available at hand. I had no eggs to make this Dorie Greenspan cake that I had been eyeing so I went ahead and made 2 cakes- vanilla and chocolate [Eggless versions] sandwiched them with a simple chocolate frosting and make a chunky peanut butter frosting for the top and around.

This post is a part of the Electric Appliance theme at BM#24 hosted by Srivalli.

Appliance highlighted- Electric Beater.

You shall need:

1… 7″ or 8″ Eggless vanilla cake made with this recipe [I halved the recipe and baked at 180C for 20-25 min or until done]

1… 7″ or 8″ Eggless Chocolate cake make with this recipe [I halved the recipe and baked at 180C for 20-25 min or until done]

1/2 cup… Dark Chocolate [Cut in equal small pieces]

3 tbsp + 1/4cup… Butter and room temprature

1 cup.. Peanut butter [I used chunky one]

2/3 cup… Castor sugar

Colorful sprinkles and chocolate shavings to decorate the cake


  • Place the chocolate in a double boiler such that the bowl with chocolate does not touch the water in the pan with boiling water.
  • Once it is melted, remove from heat and add 3 tbsp butter and mix thoroughly.
  • Place it in the fridge for 3-4 min. Remove and keep aside until further use.
  • In another bowl, beat butter, sugar and peanut butter until nice and fluffy.
  • Keep aside once done.
  • On the cake tray, put some frosting in the middle and place the vanilla cake on it. This shall prevent it from moving all over the place.
  • Slather the chocolate frosting generously on the vanilla base’s top.
  • Put the chocolate cake on top of it and press slightly.
  • Using a knife or icing spatula spread the peanut frosting on the cake evenly.
  • Once done, decorate as you please.

Share with loved ones.

peanut butter frosting1

IMG_2092 IMG_2090