Pizza Hut – Hot ‘n’ Spicy Paneer Quesadillas

Pizza hut has recently come up with Quesadillas on their menu. No offense but … really? Why?

Anyway, like a food junkie would pounce on the new on the menu, Sheelu and I ordered it last week when we were there.

This is what the menu says:

Spicy classic panner with onions, assorted
bell peppers, tandoori sauce, cheddar
cheese, mozzarella cheese and jalapenos,
with a dash of lime and coriander.
Served with a cheese dip

This is how the pic looks:

What we got- Sorry for no pics 😥 Will def remember to carry camera from the next time.

A watery dip that tasted like yogurt and Quesadillas with scant filling. It tasted fine but the filling was kinda watery. We could only eat till the paneer was warm after that the paneer was hard and chewy. This was unforgivable. I love paneer and you cant give me a chewy something.

Anyway even the outer cover of the Quesadilla was not as crisp as I would like it.

So for me it was a fair attempt with little more thinking to go in it.

I made my version yesterday for an evening snack. Trust me it took me mere 15 min to make this.

You shall need: [Makes 1 Quesadilla]

For the dough-

1/4 cup… Maida

1.4 cup… Whole wheat flour

a pinch of paprika and salt

1 tsp… Oil


For the filling-

100 gms…. paneer [diced in small-ish pieces]

1/2 tsp… oil

1/4 th… Capsicum [diced like the paneer]

1 .. small onion [chopped]

1… small tomato [chopped]

1/4 tsp… Pepper

1/4 tsp… Paprika


To assemble:

Cheese spread

Grated cheese [I used processed]

To fry:

1/2 tbsp… Oil

Snack toast with lines on it or a tava and a heavy bottom pan to give some weight on the Quesadilla


  • Knead the dough with all the ingredients.
  • make a soft dough. It shall be really elastic due to maida. It is the consistency we are looking for.
  • Rest it for 5-7 min.
  • Roll it with some more wheat flour for dusting.
  • Make a large chapati and cook it without ghee/oil on the griddle/tava.
  • Once cooked on both side, keep aside until further use.
  • In a wok, heat oil.
  • Add the onions. Once they sweat properly, add tomato.
  • As soon as the tomatoes are nice and cooked, add salt and pepper and paneer. Toss it for a few sec.
  • Add capsicum and paprika.
  • Add a little water so that the paneer and capsicum cook well.
  • Taste and adjust the seasoning.
  • Let the water dry off completely.
  • On the cooked chapati, spread a thin layer of cheese spread.
  • Put the filling on one side of the chapati.
  • Add cheese on top of it.
  • Fold the other half on the filling.
  • Heat the griddle, put a few drops of oil on it.
  • Reduce the flame to medium and put the Quesadilla on it.
  • Press it down with the help of a heavy bottom pan.
  • Once the side is crisp enough, flip it and add a few more drops of oil around it.
  • Press it down again and let the other side crisp up.
  • Cut in half or 4 serve with a dip of your choice


Goes to:

Favorite Recipes Event: Vegetarian Recipes.

Hubby’s delight

Mission Street food

Mission Street Food

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